MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/MountainBike Shoes NorthWave outcross 3v 2018 SPD

MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/MountainBike Shoes NorthWave outcross 3v 2018 SPD

MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE footwear NorthWave outcross 3v SPD 2018

Northwave outcross 3v shoes are a mixed model that is perfect for the purest mountain bike Practice: All Mountain and Enduro. It is characterized by a balanced sole, with just stiff ness and elastic ity. In this way, we are facing a model that allows the rider to alternate cycle zones with time to ride with the bike on the slopes, with a slot to incorporate coves. However, the strength of the legs is not wasted and they are effectively transferred in speed.

The neck is covered with Neoprene, so that on rainy days the foot stays dry inside. The rest of the shoe incorporates a Gore-Tex membrane that protects against water and wind. In addition, it has a thermo-laminated coating with TPU reinforcement. Shoe lace with super-fast SL2 system + two straps for better protection and a comfortable fit in the ankle.

For the manufacture of the Explorer sole has been collaborated with the manufacturer of Michelin tyres. The French brand has provided the necessary experience in the treatment of gums to create the definitive solution. The result is a compound that allows good range of movement at the foot of the rider while fixing it in its ideal position. As if it were not enough, this type of material is raced to a lesser extent, leading to a longer lifespan.

The Northwave outcross 3v shoe setting is made by three Velcro strips. They are independent and can be tightened with different levels of force. In addition, they do not produce pressure points, a favourable point for kilometradas lovers on the bike. In short, they will provide you with comfort and a sense of strength in your workouts and competitions, thanks to the clipless pedals compatible.

MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/MountainBike Shoes NorthWave outcross 3v 2018 SPD / Northwave

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