Mavic Ksyrium Elite II Road Cycling shoes

Mavic Ksyrium Elite II  Road Cycling shoes

Mavic Ksyrium Elite II for road cycling shoes

The new version of the Mavic Ksiryum Elite IIcycling shoes arrives. The model is loaded with novelties. As of old, they are perfect for cyclists who want to increase their performance on the bike. They are also available at an affordable price, making it one of the best-selling footwear.

The Ksyrium Elite II are identified by a simple but effective attachment. Its adjustment with the foot is carried out by the classic system 1-; That is, a top micro metric closure completed along with two Velcros. The grip is as strong as the rider wants and along the route does not lose feeling of consistency. The ratchet of the Ergo ratchet closure is very durable and resistant. It is operated from two levers: the main one; To increase the tension and another just to the side that releases the tension of the footwear immediately.

On the other hand Mavic shoes have always been characterized by a very nice design. As it could not be otherwise, in version has achieved some spectacular finishes. The outer skin is very thin and soft. It can be easily washed so that dirt does not accumulate. In addition, multiple inputs are added to Ventilat e along the surface. The cyclist appreciates it in mountainous terrain where speed is reduced.

The combination between the EndoFit tab and the Ergo Fit 3d Ortholite template produces increased comfort and breathability. This is thanks to an innovative study of the areas where the foot exerts more pressure. In this way, the material is dealt with by drawing the shape of the cyclist's bow.

Finally, special mention should be made to the Energy Carbon Comp sole. Made with a mixture of nylon and fiberglass, carbon is also added. Thus, a light and very hardtail textureis achieved; Which produces an increase in pedaling power compared to previous models. The transfer is more direct on the bicycle with the Ksyrium.

expert opinion: Model with an excellent relationship between quality and price. It incorporates high quality elements and in just a couple of days you will feel comfortable with them.

Data footwear Mavic Ksyrium Elite II

  • weight: 48280 grams in size 42 /3 European (pair are 560gr).
  • colors: Red, black, white.
  • sizes: 39 1/3, 40 /3, 40, 41 1/3, 42, 42 /3, 43 1/3, 44 /3, 44, 45 1/3, 46, 46 /3, 47 1/3, 48 /3.
  • Version of Man and woman.


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