Cycling footwear MTB Giro Privateer R 2017

Cycling footwear MTB Giro Privateer R 2017

Giro Privateer R 2017 MTB Cycling shoes – XC and Marathon

Flawless design and performance. This is how you define the new shoes Giro Privateer R. focused on transmitting the maximum power you are able to develop to the pedals. Its peculiarity lies in the DuPont Zytel sole, compatible with cleats, which is made from foam and nylon. This allows you to win in Comfort and to preserve the benefits in order to create an ideal footwear for MTB. Cyclists will appreciate this new system when they carry hours on their bike; That's where they bring out their comfort.

In addition, it is worth noting the low weight that gets the total of the mount, only 375 grams (in size 42). This contributes to a better comfort and a feeling of 0 discomfort in progress. On the other hand, Giro Privateer R Footwear offers a perfect fit. With two velcro s in the lower part, an excellent clamping is achieved, while at the top a micro metric closure is used in order to eliminate pressure points and make the blood circulate better in that area.

In turn, they have not only focused on benefits but also focused on aesthetics. So much so that its final design is wonderful. the toe is reinforced to avoid blows to the foot and reduce its wear. Its tongue is made of microfiber skin and a buckle with adjustable position. Finally, the tacos are prepared to catch on the hardest terrain you encounter with your bike. It is available in two colors: Black-orange and blue-black.

Other features of MTB Giro Privateer R Cycling shoes:

  • incorporates a template with EVA foam technology molded and antibacterial treatment Aegis.
  • Comfortable outer skin with great capacity to evacuate the heat.
  • Incorporates D-ring in the middle.
  • Weight: 375 grams.
  • heel fits very well at the foot of the rider.
  • Prepared for the most demanding competitions.

Cycling footwear MTB Giro Privateer R 2017 / Giro

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