MTB Cycling shoes/footwear Five Ten Hellcat Pro - clipless pedal with specific version of woman/girl

MTB Cycling shoes/footwear Five Ten Hellcat Pro - clipless pedal with specific version of woman/girl

Five Ten Hellcat Pro 2017 MTB Footwear for cleats - DH and Enduro modalities

The Fiveten Hellcat Pro 2017 mountain biking shoes are perfect for enduro and downhill. They have been designed from the Hellcat, obtaining even higher finishes and performance in this Pro model. Its structure is very resistant and comfortable, being possible to take them long hours on the bike without feeling discomfort. In addition, the cyclist can use them with pedals and platform pedals.


Features Five Ten Hellcat Pro Cycling shoes

The first point to keep in mind regarding the Five Ten Hellcat Pro is the beautiful aesthetics they possess, which will immediately captivate the rider. The finishes of this footwear are of high quality and it emphasizes its toe. This incorporates a panel of ventilation very efficient, obtaining an entrance of efficient air at any speed. To make matters worse, it has also been strengthened; So that in case of impact with the ground or some stone the foot does not suffer.

In reference to the Stealth Rubber C4 outsole, it is important to say that its mixed compound gives it excellent pedaling performance and at the same time is comfortable when walking. This is important because in the most demanding disciplines of the MTB this change is habitual and often happens. For the manufacture of this sole has been used rubber, which improves grip on all types of surface and transmits well the power. TPU has also been added, a material that has the purpose of absorbing the blows.

The fit with the foot is excellent and is made by an asymmetric Velcro. In this way, the grip becomes stronger and longer lasting and the pressure points are eliminated. Underneath the Velcro are placed the cords, which thanks to its simplicity facilitate the rider manipulation.

In addition, its outer fabric is very breathable, so on hot days these shoes are just as effective. Finally, thanks to its structure with a flexible touch are ideal for riding with the bicycle in non-cycle stages and include waterproof DWR treatment for rainy days.


Other information Fiveten Hellcat Pro 2017 shoes - Available specific version of woman.

  • Weight: 363 grams (in size 42).
  • Colors: black, red, yellow, white, pink.
  • Sizes: 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44.5, 45, 47.
  • Available specific version of woman.

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MTB Cycling shoes/footwear Five Ten Hellcat Pro - clipless pedal with specific version of woman/girl / Five Ten

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