MTB FIVE TEN freerider CANVAS 2017-2018 - downhill/DH

MTB FIVE TEN freerider CANVAS 2017-2018 - downhill/DH

Platform Cycling shoes MTB Five Ten freerider Canvas - 2017 / 2018

The brand Five Tive offers the new Freerider Canvas 2017 platform Cycling shoess. This model of footwear for the practice of Enduro/Downhill, stands out mainly for the excellent performance that it offers with the flat pedals.

The reinforced seams s, next to the reinforcement fabric that we find in the area of the toes of the freerider Canvas footwear make this model of Mountain Bike cycling shoes, a footwear to be taken into account for the season 2017 of cycling of Enduro/downhill .

The Stealth sole with which the freerider Canvas downhillshoes have been manufactured will ensure maximum gripping sensation with the flat pedals. The full suspension-injection system used during the production of these cycling shoes makes them more durable and resistant to abrasion.

Features of Five Ten freerider Canvas 2017-for clipless pedal

  • Designed for downhill/DH/downhill practice.
  • Reinforcement in strategic areas to achieve greater protection.
  • Stealth 1 TM Sole.
  • Full suspension density midsole.
  • Weight: 488 grams

What do we know about the Five Ten brand?

Five Ten is the quintessential brand design and manufacturing platform cycling shoes in the world of MTB cycling. This brand has more than 30 years of experience in the sector since it was founded at the hands of Charles Cole in the year 1985.

We found the beginnings of the brand when Charles Cole designed the first model of sports footwear made with foam designed especially for climbing. Today, the footwear of the Five Ten brand has become the favourites of many athletes of Downhill, paddle, hiking, running and climbing, both at the elite level and in outdoor weather lovers. All the products of the brand Five Ten, will guarantee to the rider a great comfort during the trainings with the bicycle, as well as the maximum durability and thanks to the use of new technologies will be achieved some models of cycling shoes that leave the rider Satisfied.

MTB FIVE TEN freerider CANVAS 2017-2018 - downhill/DH / Five Ten

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