Cycling Cycling shoes Five Ten freerider - enduro/downhill/BMX/dirt jump/All Mountain

Cycling Cycling shoes Five Ten freerider - enduro/downhill/BMX/dirt jump/All Mountain

Mountain Bike Cycling shoes Five Ten freerider - for flat pedal

If what you are looking for is a footwear for the practice of MTB cycling (enduro, dirt, dirt jump, all mountain, BMX or downhill) that provide the biker with the best comfort, breathability and durability, what you need are the mtb Freerider shoes Of the Five Ten brand. The Freerider FiveTen are the ideal model for what you are looking for.

The new model of MTB cycling footwear have been designed for the practical modalities of cycling freeride as enduro, downhill, bmx, dirt jump, etc. In addition, the Five Ten Freerid er is available for flat pedal s (not compatible with cleat pedals).

The Freerider shoes of the brand Five Ten are made with mesh parts on top of high hardness and that confers comfort to the footwear; At the same time, they implement the Stealth S1 Foam Compound mixture for the sole that guarantees a great durability of the soleplate. The grip system with which it counts thanks to its relief, and the perfect absorption of impacts /damping make this MTB freeride footwear a model to be taken into account for the mountain bike season 2017-2018.

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Features MTB cycling shoes FiveTen freerider 2017

  • Incorporates the patented technology by the brand Five Ten, Stealth S1. It is made up of a foam sole that stands out for its high friction and abrasion resistance of the terrain.
  • Platform Cycling shoes PRA The practice of MTB cycling.
  • High level of comfort.
  • Colors: Black/blue, grey/blue, grey/black, grey/orange, black/red...

Five Ten Impact VXi 2017 mountain Bike Cycling shoes

FIVE TEN Impact VXi Black – Red-blue (BMX, enduro, dirtjump, downhill)

You are looking for mountain bike cycling shoes (for both flat pedal s and cleat pedals) with a touch-grip to the unbeatable pedal, with almost zero water absorption degree, comfortable, with great capacity of Cushioning and with soles manufactured with Stealth ML6 compound?

Five Ten model Impact VXi mountain bike Shoes It's the MTB shoes you're looking for!!!

  • Stealth ML6 is an award-winning compound of rubbers that ensure maximum grips up on polished surfaces; This compound applied to the sole of the shoe implies extra safety during riding.
  • In addition, the five Ten Impact VXi shoes incorporate full suspension density templates.
  • Incorporates reinforced toe and heel.
  • They are the lightest cycling shoes that have never been designed.

Five Ten Impact Vxi MTB Shoe-flat pedal

Features of the FIVE TEN Impact VXi MTB Cycling shoes:

  • Stealth ml6foam compound soles: maximum grip on polished surfaces, ensuring optimal pedal grip during riding
  • Available in version with cleat s and for platformpedals.
  • With full suspension-density templates.
  • Comfortable even to walk with them: they incorporate a softer part in the upper instep that facilitates the movement of the fingers.
  • They are made of synthetic leather which has a water absorption rate of almost zero.
  • It incorporates reinforced toe and heel and are the lightest cycling shoes s ever designed for MTB.

Models of cycling footwear for coves and FiveTen platform

Within the line of FiveTen Freerid er There are at least ten more models among which we can find the following:

  • Freerider Pro VXI
  • Freerider VXi Elements
  • Freerider PRO PUMICE
  • Freerider Canvas
  • Freerider High
  • Freerider Contact
  • Models for children and women/woman.

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