Overboots/sportful MAVIC COSMIC PRO

Overboots/sportful MAVIC COSMIC PRO

Overboots for road cycling shoes Mavic Cosmic Pro

The new model of sportful Cosmic Pro that presents us the brand Mavic for this new has been elaborated with the best materials and of high quality. These boots covers are 100% waterproofs, so that if during the training/competitions with the bicycle starts to rain, the possibility that the water seeps to the feet will be very small or null; This will be possible since the water will first have to filter the overboots and the cycling shoes. In addition, it should be said that this overboots incorporates a breathable membrane that will prevent heat from being concentrated and that will help a faster evacuation of sweat.

For greater safety of the cyclist on the bicycle, it has been added to the shoe covers some reflective elements, which will make the rider can be seen with greater ease by other users on night routes or in days of little Visibility.

The Mavic brand sportful Cosmic Pro has been designed for use in road cycling, and in a cold protection range of between 5 – 12 degrees.

Features of the Mavic Cosmic Pro boots cover

  • Designed for road cycling.
  • Reflective system for greater rider safety.
  • Wind protection.
  • Cold protection: 5 º -12.
  • Made with waterproof fabric.
  • breathable membrane.
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Sizes available: 38 /3 – 49 1/3

What do we know about the Mavic brand?

Mavic is a leading French brand since the year 1889 working on the development of its fabrics and materials to offer the user high performance products. The Mavic brand also does not focus on a cycling modality, but tries to meet the needs of road cyclists , MTB/mountainbiking...

Mavic has a renowned track record in the market where it values its experience and the quality of its bicycle wheels (rims such as the Mavic Crossmax are the best known and most seen in the cycling of mountain bike racing For example).

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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