Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers

Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers
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The overboots Aero Race is one of the most complete products of the Castelli brand that we can find in the market. These cover cycling shoes s have silicone straps that allow the flow of air and are also designed specifically to be used in road cycling and time trial.

Characteristics of the Overboots Castelli Aero Race

The overboots Castelli Aero Race has a high edge and siliconized elastic. In the rear of the shoe covers a zipper with Camlock locking system and openings for the cleats.

This model of shoe covers, has been molded by CFD and has an aerodynamic mesh that softens the separation of the air. In the legs, it has silicone trim bands.

The Castelli Aero Race overboots have been made by 85% polyamide and 15% Elastane. This essential element in winter when you go out to train with your bike, has a great breathability and support in addition to a great lightness and aerodynamics.

Weight: 64 grams

In addition

The Castelli Aero Race overboots will provide the rider with the greatest comfort when going out to train with his bike and also has a perfect aerodynamics. This overboots model of the Castelli brand is the best option for the rider to have a good product and high quality to go out to train with his road bike.

Expert opinion

The Castelli Aero Race sportful are the best option to buy that every rider should have because it will guarantee the greatest comfort and protection in their training with the bike thanks to its high quality Manufacturing.

What do we know about the Castelli brand?

We can see the beginnings of the Mark Castelli in Milan in 1876 thanks to its founder, Vittore Gianni. It can be said that the Castelli cycling clothing Since its inception so far has been and is in the Top of cyclingclothing; Its products have been qualified as the best sport wear-clothing thanks to its extreme quality of manufacture and an unbeatable design.

In 1974 Castelli introduced the racing trousers to the knees and was also the first brand to prepare sport cycling competition clothing to sell to the public. Since always Castelli has had the best technological innovations that have made him position as the fashion brand in the manufacture and sale of cyclingclothing; Some of those innovations we can see are the elaboration of the first synthetic clothing for the cold, wind clothes, etc. Castelli is the perfect blend of history, tradition, legend, design and innovation, which makes All rider has it as a reference mark.

In addition, the Castelli brand has a wide range of products such as drums and bottle, backpacks and bags, overboots, cycling caps and buffs, socks, vests and cycling jackets, cycling jerseys, cycling culottes, Cycling trousers, etc.

All Castelli equipment is available for online purchases in the Corebicyclesearch engine.

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Castelli Aero Race Shoe Covers / Castelli

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