Shimano Dura Road Groupset-Ace R9150 Di2 11 speeds -front derailleur, levers, cassette, change a

Shimano Dura Road Groupset-Ace R9150 Di2 11 speeds -front derailleur, levers, cassette, change a

Electronic groupset Road bike Shimano Dura-Ace R9150 Di2 11 Speed

The Nippon Brand has redesigned its star groupset to polish the small details that were not resolved in the previous versions. All its components have been studied to the detail to allow to increase its efficiency and to lower its weight. Thus, an ideal electronic groupset has been obtained for cyclists who wish to improve their performance.

Hard back Change-ace R9150 Di2

The main novelty lies in the incorporation of the Shadow technology, so well known in the MOUNTAIN BICYCLE. This allows the change to be stylized and much more robust, eliminating the bulk that was before. The Shadow also improves the accuracy and speed of the changes. It now adapts even more to the tension of the chain according to the development that we carry. Besides, thanks to its tension it allows to change the wheel more quickly. Weight: 204 grams. Largest 30-tooth pinion allowed.

R9150 Di2-Ace

Its shape is designed to adapt to perfection with the hands and its touch is more intuitive, both braking and changing. Pressing them has tried to make the click More Real for the rider to notice the action. They include important technologies: The E-Tube, with which the user can adapt the levers; And the Syncro-Shift, which constantly evaluates the chain tension according to the gears and modifies it if necessary. Weight: 460 grams.

Cranksets and Hard dish-ace R9100

Its relationship between stiffness and weight has risen to points never seen. This has been through a better distribution of the material. In addition, it has dispensed of one of the arms of Union with the chainring, one of the points that allows to save weight. For what it does to the dish, its Hollowglide system ensures sharpness. available in 170, 172.5 and 175 mm.

Hard Front derailleur-Ace Di2 R9150

One of the great advantages of the electronic groupset is definitely the front derailleur. This is a compact, precise and fast model. Your response is immediate and the cyclist appreciates the fact that it moves according to the position of the rear derailleur and the ease of pressing. Just as the change improves its endurance and durability. Weight: 104 grams.

Hard Brake bridges-Ace R9100

its inner hollow has widen ed to allow to carry covers of bigger ball (up to 28mm). This is no inconvenience to the resistance to air. Its braking is very safe, powerful and modulated; This last point is the most valued by those who have tried it. Weight: 326 grams. Support with full suspension pivot SLR EV.

Hard Cassette-Ace R9100

It has increased the maximum ratio of the last pinion, now with 30 teeth. This allows the cyclist to confidently face any route. There is at the same time a version with 28 teeth of maximum. The Hyperglide EV sprockets are designed to improve chain accuracy and prevent unwanted failures. Its manufacture has been Titanium in the upper crowns to save weight. Nickel-plated to prevent wear. Weight: 175gr (11-25), 193gr (11-28), 211gr (11-30), 189gr (12-25), 205gr (12-28)

Hard Chain-Ace CN-9000

Finally, its asymmetric chain seeks a longer lifespan, is coated with PTFE coating and obtains a weight of 243gr.



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