Saddle biking WTB ROCKET COMP

Saddle biking WTB ROCKET COMP

WTB Rocket Comp Bike Saddle

The prestigious brand WTB presents us the new model of MTB saddle/Road Rocket Comp for the bicycle. This bike saddle is a very versatile model that can be used for both descents and long distances with the bike without having to leave aside a very important aspect in this sport as comfort. To use the WTB Rocket Comp saddle You do not need to look at the rider's age or habididad level as it is a very verásatil model.

As a general rule, the saddles of the WTB brand have a more level profile that exerts lower pressure in the most sensitive areas.

The WTB Rocky Comp Saddle has a length of 265 mm and a width of between 130 and 142 mm. The rail of this saddle has been made with steel material to provide more lightness to the bicycle.

The cover of this cycling saddle has been designed in a synthetic way and has a housing with flexible tuning, as well as a standard DNA padding that will guarantee great comfort.

Features cycling saddle WTB Rocket Comp

  • Versatile, multifunctional saddle.
  • It can be used with MTB and roadbikes.
  • Flat saddle profile for greater comfort in sensitive areas.
  • width: between 130 and 142 mm.
  • Length: 265 mm.
  • DNA padding.
  • Synthetic cover
  • Weight: 310g (130 mm) and 320g (142 mm)

What do we know about the WTB brand?

WTB is a California-based brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality cycling components. This brand was created in the year 1982 because of the existing need to have a specific MTB kit and to enjoy a great durability and reliability. At the beginning of the brand, MTB/mountain bike cycling was not a well known modality although the members of this brand did practice it after being captivated by the experience of going out to roll with the bike on dirt roads. That's when they saw the need to design components to have greater durability.

Currently and after more than 30 years manufacturing and Innovat ing every day has achieved with its products, to meet the most demanding needs of cyclists and riders.

The WTB brand has a passion for cycling and a commitment to riders that makes it more enthusiastic when it comes to providing high performance, durable and reliable components designed to perfect your bike outings.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.

Saddle biking WTB ROCKET COMP / WTB

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