DVO Jade Spring Rear shock

DVO Jade Spring Rear shock

DVO Jade Spring Rear shock for enduro and downhill.

The rear shock spring Jade is the new model that presents the brand DVO. This hydraulic damper has been specially designed to practise the cycling modalities of DH/downhill/downhill, freeride and Enduro. The rear shock absorb er DVO Jade can be found available in the Entrejes/route: 200/57 mm, 215/63 mm, 221/68 mm, 241/76 mm, 267/89 mm.

The new hydraulic shock rear Jade that DVO flange, has a quick and slow compression adjustment, rebound and preload. This new MTB damper will allow you to get the best results on uneven terrain by making jumps with your bike and crossing small obstacles.

Unlike most shocks that use a floating internal piston when separating air and oil, the new rear MTB rear shock from the DVO brand makes it through a membrane; This new system with tank will contribute to a greater fluidity and precision to get the best control of the bike. In addition, the incorporating cooling fin ensures the best long-term performance, even in extreme weather conditions.

The different settings of the rear MTB Jade Cycling shockwill contribute to a perfect fit according to your riding shape. The new DVO Jade includes the pump but has no blocking system.

DVO Jade Rear shock technical features

  • Rear shock for Mountain bike cycling, especially in the modes of downhill, Freeride and Enduro.
  • compression, rebound and preload adjustment.
  • It uses a membrane to separate oil and air.
  • 14 mm Aluminium SHAFT
  • Perfect adaptation to the pilot ing of the rider thanks to the different adjustments of the shock.
  • It does not have a blocking system but it does include a pump.
  • Ideal to go out and train in extreme weather situations.
  • Entrejes/Travel: 200/57 mm, 215/63 mm, 221/68 mm, 241/76 mm, 267/89 mm.
  • Weight: 425 g (without spring).

What do we know about the DVO brand?

The prestigious brand based in USA DVO, has more than 80 years of experience in the design and manufacture of suspensions and rear shock s for the world of cycling. The team of DVO suspension, having so much experience in all that refers to the suspensions and forks uses the best materials to obtain higher quality in the manufacture of its products. The DVO brand produces shocks, as well as spare parts and springs of these, forks with their corresponding spare parts, as well as protection elements of the fork.

Thanks to the manufacture of its products with high quality materials, high-end elements are achieved with an excellent design.

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DVO Jade Spring Rear shock / DVO

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