Flat pedals/flats/without cleats SHIMANO GR500 2018

Flat pedals/flats/without cleats SHIMANO GR500 2018

Flat pedals/No cleats SHIMANO GR500 2017-2018

Shimano has brought to the market for this 2018 the new flat pedals GR500. These pedals have been designed for use in different mountain Bike modalities such as Trail and All mountain.

The GR500 incorporate 18 adjustable pins/screws in height (9 per face). In addition, its "Little Weight" (only 533 grams) make it a very light model. The pedals without cleats are of great quality thanks to having been made with great materials like the chromiumly steel shaft and an aluminum casing.

Find them available in the search engine of CoreBicycle in Black and silver.

Features of SHIMANO GR-500 flat pedals

  • Designed for the modalities of Trail and All Mountain.
  • has 18 pins/bolts Height adjustable
  • Cromolyy axis.
  • Aluminium structure.
  • Available in black and silver color.
  • Weight: 535 grams (pair).


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Flat pedals/flats/without cleats SHIMANO GR500 2018 / Shimano

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