Pedals ONOFF Components Pimp

Pedals ONOFF Components Pimp

The pimp s are the new model of flat pedals that the Spanish brand ONOFF has launched for sale. The new Pimp flat pedals have been made using the poly carbonate body, similar to Nylon, in order to provide greater resistance when pedaling. The size of these pedals of the brand OnOFF, will guarantee the biker a great stability when it comes to going out with the bike and they also have an excellent value for money.

The flat pedals OnOff Pimp have been made by bearings sealed by the robustness they provide and also, these bearings do not take slack or need adjustment.  The pedal shaft is of CNC ma chining Chrome .

The pins of new flat pedals OnOff Pimp have been manufactured so that the rider can change them.


Features pedals ONOFF PIMP

  • Flat pedals devised for Enduro and downhill/DHmodalities.
  • Body made of poly carbonatematerial.
  • Elborado shaft with chromiummaterial.
  • Excellent quality-price ratio.
  • High level of lightness of the pedals.
  • Replacement and molded Pins.
  • weight: 350 grams.


Expert opinion

With the new flat pedals ONOFF PIMP The cyclist will be able to perform the best workouts with an excellent comfort.


What do we know about the ONOFF brand?

The ONOFF brand is a component brand of cycling parts with national headquarters- Elche, Spain -which are leading the online sales market thanks to its quality and good quality-price ratio. A large part of the components used in mid-high range Mondraker bicycles are ONOFF.

This brand has a long history in the manufacture of components for all MTB disciplines and for any profile of cyclists, from the most amateur to the most professional competing at the highest level. Onoff uses the best materials and the highest quality, in addition to the latest manufacturing technologies to achieve a product with the highest quality and reliability with which the rider can make the best enternamientos and outings with the bike Mountain Bike.

This large brand of components manufactures mainly:

  • handlebars: model peak 0.0, model peak carbon 0.0, model peak Carbon UD 0., model peak carbon 0.5 and Model peak Carbon 1.0.
  • handlebars-bar ends: Peak model.
  • Potencias: model Peak Carbon 6th, model peak Carbon 17, model peak 6th and model Peak 17.
  • seatposts: peak model, peak carbon 0-R model and peak Carbon 1-R model.
  • Drum holder: Blade model, side model, Fiber model, model Pipe, Carbon Pro II model and carbon Side model.
  • Brake Discs: floating model, Standard model and floating Cooler model.
  • pedals: model Shield, model Claw and PIMP model.
  • Headset: model Razor, Model 15Z6 reduced, model integrated, model tapered integrated, model tapered integrated reduced and model tapered integrated External.
  • grips: model Paw, model Wave, Model Diamond 1, Model Diamond , model Shims, model FOAM, model silicone and model Ergo
  • Brake Pads: Model V-40, Model V-MTB and V-Expert model.
  • Pumps: model Jet B01, model jet B02, model jet B03 and model jet B04.
  • lights: Model Light Owl 1, Model light Owl , Model light Owl 3 and model light Owl 4.
  • Multi Tools: model Multitool trick 8, model Multitool trick 11 and model Multitool trick 20.
  • Gravity: model CG-01, Model CG-02, model CG-03 and model CG-04.
  • chainrings and sprockets: model Stoic 30T/32T/34T and model sprocket 42T + 16T.

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Pedals ONOFF Components Pimp / ONOFF

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