Mavic Crossmax XL clipless Pedals

Mavic Crossmax XL clipless Pedals

Mavic introduces us to the new flat pedal model that has been released to the market. The new Crossmax XL are medium-range pedals but still have all the technological components used in the high-end XL TI model except that the titanium shaft has not been included in it.

The Crossmax XL is a very complete pedal model because its great platform will provide the rider with great security and stability. These pedals are the best option when practicing mountain biking like All Mountain or Enduro.


Features Mavic Crossmax XL clipless pedals

The new Crossmax XL pedal s are one of the best we can find on the market today. They have a body made with carbon and have a minimum height with respect to the axis in order to optimize the effort. They also have a patented body design that allows a greater angle of anchorage and have self-cleaning technology which offers an evacuation of the mud and an easy hitch in any situation; The Crossmax XL is one of the only models of flat pedal s with custom positioning in the lateral headset.

The new pedal s of the Mavic brand have a sensitive adjustment of the feeling of lateral flotation and have a system of Cala ATAC that allows to choose the angle of release between 13 º and 17 º.

The new XL platform of the Crossmax pedal s will guarantee the rider greater stability when it comes to training with his mountain bike. In addition, this new model of flat pedals Mavicbrand, have a full suspension-pier construction, which will make them more impact resistant.

Weight: 375 grams/Pair

Expert opinion: Mavic Crossmax XL clipless Pedals​

The new Mavic Crossmax XL pedal s are the model of flat pedal s that all cyclist s will want to have in their hands to be able to train with their mountain bike with the utmost comfort and efficiency.

What do we know about the Mavic brand?

Since 1889 Mavic has worked on the development of its fabrics and materials to offer high performance products for all cyclists covering all the modalities of cycling: road Cycling, MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE (mountain bike)...

Mavic is a French cycling brand, for the bike, with a renowned track record in the market where you value your experience and the quality of your bicycle wheels (tires such as Mavic Crossmax are the best known and most seen in cycling of mountain bike Competition for example).

After more than 125 years of innovation, the Mavic brand is one of the few brands capable of equipping from head to toe (footwear, socks, trousers/shorts, jerseys/sweaters, gloves and helmet) to road and mountain cyclists.

In the search engine of CoreBicycle you can see all the equipment and accessories of the brand Mavic and with the filters of the searcher you can find at the best price any part or component: Road and mountain bike wheels with the latest tires Fitted with tyres, also for mountain bike and cycling road pants, sweaters, clipless pedal cycling cycling shoes s and many others...

It is very easy to identify Mavic products, as over time, this prestigious brand has maintained its famous yellow logo.

The range has grown year after year and now offers products for all levels and all practices.
Mavic is a quality product guarantee that meets all the requirements.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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