Mavic Crossmax SL and SL Pro clipless pedals

Mavic Crossmax SL/SL PRO clipless pedals

Mavic Crossmax SL PRO pedals – with Cove

This model of clipless pedals (with cleats) has been manufactured with a compact design in addition to having a single spring. The new Mavic Crossmax SL PRO, are the ideal model to go out with the bike of Cross Country and All Mountain, especially if we consider the high level of lightness of this component.

The structure of the body has been elaborated with carbon and the shaft in titanium; This way you can maximize your performance. As for the single spring it has been manufactured in full suspension arc.

The ATAC mechanism of the Mavic Crossmax SL PRO pedals, we can say is a separate bar end and uncoupling system of the spring tension. Another point to take into account is the self-cleaning design with which it counts; This makes the mud jump automatically during the pedaling. Thanks to this, the act of cleaning the bicycle and/or pedals will be done in a more simple and quick way.


Technical features of the Mavic Crossmax SL PRO pedals
  • Made of carbon.
  • axis of the titanium pedals.
  • ATAC Technology: Independent bar end and release of spring tension
  • Self-cleaning system for easy cleaning and maintenance of the pedals.
  • Biomechanics: It has lateral and angular freedom (± .5 mm and ±5 º respectively)
  • Weight: 280 grams.

Mavic Crossmax SL Clipless pedals

The new MAVIC CROSSMAX SL are a model designed especially to go out to fly the bike of all Mountain and Enduro. The Crossmax SL stand out by the level of resistance and lightness.

These MTB pedals are designed with carbon which will make it more compact.

This version Mavic Mountain Bike pedals have a angular freedom of 10 º (5 º on each side)

What do we know about the Mavic brand?

Mavic is a cycling-related company, which has more than 125 years working to offer high quality products to cyclists. This prestigious brand makes a constant investment in the development of its fabrics and materials to offer products of high performance for all the cyclists covering all the modalities of cycling: road Cycling, MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE (mountain bike) ...

Mavic is a French cycling brand, for the bike, with a renowned track record in the market where you value your experience and the quality of your bicycle wheels (tires such as Mavic Crossmax are the best known and most seen in cycling of mountain bike Competition for example).


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