HT Components AE05 flat Pedals

HT Components AE05 flat Pedals
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The HT Components AE05 pedal is the aluminum version of the EVO pedal first launched in 2012.

The differential point of this model is that it is very fine in the central area of the pedal: with a thickness of 12 mm. Without this penalized its performance: it is not a pedal that flexes when pedaling or when receiving jumps or falls.

Why is it mechanically good that the foot is closer to the center of the pedal?

The mechanical theory is that it approaches the foot to the axis and improves the efficiency of pedaling. The feeling during use is that the foot is more stable on the pedal.

In addition, a finer pedal body also improves the distance to the ground, although it is unlikely that a few millimeters make a big difference in practice.

Features: HT Components AE05 flat Pedal

The flat pedal is concave, which really helps to maximize the real support area on the cycling shoes; All pedal pins, for shoe sizes from 38 to 45, are below the soles of your foot.

And although the platform helps the grip is really guaranteed thanks to its 10 aluminum pins for each face.

With 100 mm long and 96 mm wide, there is a good platform for the foot.

The thickest area of the Padal is 17mmthick. This point is a pedal that is lighter but you might think it is less robust. With respect to the robustness, the different specialized media tests stand out as very resistant. Besides they put in value that being less coarse are farther away from the ground and the probability of blowing on the rocks is reduced.

Weight: 360 grams

Colors: Black, silver, white, red, orange, green, Blue, Fuxia,...

HT Components AE05 flat Pedals / HT Components

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