Funn Mamba Pedals - of a cove or two sides with cleats. Flat pedal and clipless in one

Funn Mamba Pedals - of a cove or two sides with cleats. Flat pedal and clipless in one

Pedals "Flat" Funn Mamba

Funn now presents its new wide flat pedals model; The Mambapedals. This new model of pedal s with fixations, will become the best tool for the cyclist and that will allow him to improve in the promotions and descents with the bicycle so that they are more precise. In addition, the Mambaflat pedals will make the rider able to have a more efficient pedal ing during his workouts.

The new Funn Mamba pedals are simple coves but have the option of incorporating coves on both sides.

Features of Funn Mamba flat pedals

The new Mamba flat Pedals are an extraordinary model of pedals that also incorporate a fixation on both sides. The flat pedal has been made of aluminium. The Mamba of the brand Funn, are ideal for practicing cycling modalities such as All Mountain, Enduro and even downhill.

The Funn Mamba, have simple coves PD-13-CL but also have the option of full suspension-sided. These pedals have an extruded flat with CNC material and can be said to be compatible with SPD. A great novelty exclusive to Funn is the GRS. The GRS is a new fat renewal system in which when injecting the new fat, the old one will be extracted so that the rider does not have to get his hands dirty during this operation. The Funn Mamba pedals feature durable bearings and an axis made of chromium molybdenum.

The new Funn Mamba pedal s have a weight of 590 grams a pair and can be found in different colors.

In addition, the pedals FUNN MAMBA...

They are very resistant and reliable in all types of terrain but especially in the hardest. Thanks to the Mamba, the rider will have a flat pedals with cleat s with which you will be able to perform the best workouts and that will allow you to improve your results every day.

Expert OPINION: Flat Pedals FUNN MAMBA

With the new Funn Mamba pedal s The rider will have the highest sensitivity when it comes to cycling.

What do we know about the Funn brand?

Funn is a brand created 17 years ago in a small factory in Britain. The main idea was to make solid bike parts and have fun riding with the bike. Over the years, the products of the brand Funn have been used by great cyclists winners of championships and World Cups. Currently, Funn is a world-renowned brand that has high quality products. Among its product portfolio, Encontrramos handlebars, grips, seatposts, saddles, pedals, wheels, etc.

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Funn Mamba Pedals - of a cove or two sides with cleats. Flat pedal and clipless in one / Funn

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