Flat Pedal/flat for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE, enduro and DH

Flat Pedal/flat for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE, enduro and DH

Top ten flat pedals/flat for Enduro, Downhill and MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/MTB best rated.

Below we can see which are the best flat pedals/flat designed for the practice of cycling downhill, MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/MTB and Enduro best qualified by professional cyclists...

Shimano Saint MX80 Flat pedals

The new model of MTB flat pedals Shimano Saint MX80 is an essential element when going out to train with the bike. These new flat pedals will guarantee the rider maximum comfort and, at the same time, the best performance during the workouts. The pedals Saint MX80 have been specially designed for the practice of the modalities of Trial, downhill and Dual Slalom.

Thanks to the new technologies applied during its manufacture, it has achieved a model of flat pedals Classic, but at the same time as renewed. These pedals have a sturdy structure with 9 replaceable plugs. The Shimano Saint MX80 pedals have a chromoly shaft located above the watertight cartridge bearings.

Pedals features SHIMANO SAINT MX80 FLAT pedals

  • The pedals Shimano Saint MX80 have been devised for the practice of the modalities cyclists of Trial, downhill and Dual Slalom.
  • Flat pedals.
  • Sturdy structure with 9 replaceable plugs.
  • Pedal shaft made with Chromoy.

Crank Brothers Pedal Chainring pair 5050

The Crank Brothers brand introduces us to its new bet pedals 5050 with which the rider can go out to train with the best comfort and performance. Although these flat pedals are ideal for practicing any type of mountain bike cycling mode, when you can get the maximum performance is in All Mountain, freeride and Dowhhill or downhill. Crank-Brothers pedals are a very reliable element.

The axle of these flat pedals has been made using forged steel and the aluminium/composite body. The 5050 pedals will fit perfectly to the cyclist's foot to provide you with the best protection during workouts, as well as to ensure maximum performance.

Features pedals CRANK BROTHERS pair of pedal boards 5050

  • Shaft made of forged steel.
  • Flat pedals.
  • Pedal body made of aluminium/composite.
  • Internal needle bearing and external cartridge
  • Perfect fit at the foot of the rider.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Warranty: 5 years


The HT components branded Nano flat Pedal series is a new line that will give the rider the best comfort during workouts. The Nano pedals have a low profile design with a sufficiently wide surface so that the rider's feet can fit well and they are well subject and that guarantee the best comfort during the workouts.

The body of these new HT-branded flat pedals has been made by aluminum and steel shaft.

features HT FL pedal s AT pedals NANO SERIES

  • Good fit of the rider's feet to the pedals.
  • Flat pedals.
  • High level of comfort.
  • Body made by aluminium.
  • Shaft made of steel.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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