Flat Pedal Crank Brothers Stamp - size small/small and large/large - BMX and DH

Flat Pedal Crank Brothers Stamp - size small/small and large/large - BMX and DH

Cranky MTB/MTB flat pedals for DH and BMX

The Crank Brothers Stamp flat Pedal s are a very robust model that aims to reach the top for mountain bike lovers. Its use is recommended in downhillbikes, freerid e and BMX . It gives balance to the rider and his body is very light. Its design is very modern, with very fine central body for a more aesthetic vision.

Entering in its characteristics We note that its central part is made of forged aluminium . This material adds a lot of stiff ness to the whole, while not penalizing too much on the issue of weight, fundamental in cycling. On the other hand, the shaft is in chromium-plated steel, which improves durability. This mixture confers excellent properties on the CrankBrothers Stamp Flat pedals.

The Stamp surface is just as beautiful as it is effective. Through 10 pins spread throughout the body, an exquisite grip is achieved with the cyclist's foot. The shoe is "nailed" on the pedal and thus achieves great stability in descents and technical areas of cycling. In addition, Premium bearings and an external seal that increase resistance are included. As if it were not enough, the structure is concave to minimize the dead points.

Its use in demanding mountain bike modalities is booming and the best pilots are incorporating them into their day-to-day. Another of its strengths lies in the elimination of possible slips in times of tension, which can cause a serious fall. At Crank Brothers They wanted to create a more specific flat pedal and recommend it for shoe sizes between 43 and 49. On the scale they declare a weight of 405 grams. Available colors : Black, red. In short, a high quality version ideal for DH and BMX, which adapts quickly to your feet and is comfortable, even in long routes.

New flat pedal/Flat for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE Stamp 3 Edition Danny Macaskill

The new Flat pedal for mountain bike/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE is the revolutionary model of the Crankbrothers brand for this 2018. These bike pedals are designed of the best materials and thus obtaining a durable and resistant component.

This type of pedal has been manufactured to maximize the standing surface supported in the pedal area to increase the comfort of the rider. The main feature of Stamp 3 is its high-quality steel fabrication; This way the pedal is equipped with a meticulous concave shape, ideal for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE.

The Stamp three pedalincorporates 10 adjustable pins on each side to give a secure grip and transmit confidence to the rider. Its profile is very thin because it only has between 11 and 13 mm.

It is the perfect pedal for mountain bikers, as it guarantees the best grip to the footwear and a great settlement and safety when it comes to pedalling on irregular and demanding terrains.


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Flat Pedal Crank Brothers Stamp - size small/small and large/large - BMX and DH / Crank Brothers

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