Clipless pedals CrankBrothers Mallet E 11

Clipless pedals CrankBrothers Mallet E 11

Clipless pedals CrankBrothers Mallet E 11

Crank Brothers wants to start with forces the year 2017 and for Demostrárnoslo presents us his latest model of clipless pedals Mallet E11, designed especially for the most passionate cyclists of the Enduro. The new crank Brothers Mallet and 11 clipless pedals can be considered the lightest and most advanced model that this brand has so far.

The new CrankBrothers Mallet and 11 clipless pedal s are a Premium edition where the anchor blades, among other parts, have been manufactured with titanium material. In addition, these clipless pedals incorporate a full suspension cut at the edges of the pedal (chamfer) Unlike the standard version that only takes one. All these details that we find in the new Mallet and 11 will minimize the weight of the pedals (about 34 grams less than the standard model) and increase the working performance.

As for the design, the new automatic Mallet and 11 pedal s are only available with a very fashionable decoration in the world of MTB, a combination of black and gold/yellow color.

Clipless pedals CrankBrothers Mallet E 11-the lightest of its range specially manufactured for eNduro and downhill

Features clipless pedals Crank Brothers Mallet E11

  • Clipless pedals.
  • Designed for passionate cyclists of the Enduro.
  • Very light and advancedmodel.
  • Titanium Anchor Blades.
  • It provides a better performance in cycling pedal ing.
  • Full suspension cut at the edges of the pedals.
  • Weight: 385 grams.
  • Color: black and gold.

What do we know about the Crank Brothers brand?

Crank Brothers is a California brand based in Laguna Beach. This prestigious brand was created by the brothers Carl and Frank Crank, a passionate mountain biking/mountain bike from small. Crank Brothers designs and manufactures all kinds of high quality components for the bike. The aim of this emoresa is to reinvent the experience of bike riding providing the best comfort to the rider. The first product created by the Crank Brothers brand was brought to market in the year 1994 and was the "Speed Lever", a detachable telescopic covers. The Eggbeater pedals were a star product of Crank Brothers and was released on sale in 2001. These pedals were a very light and minimalist model; Its cleanliness was very simple because the mud jumped easily, and also had an excellent system of hooking by the 4 sides.

Crank Brothers has already been around for many years in the world of cycling, and specifically making components for the bike. All the experience that counts the brand, allows to see the constant improvement of the product year after year and thanks Ademñas, to the work done by the engineers of the brand. Crank Brothers is looking for the customer's constant satisfaction.

Today Crank Brothers can be considered one of the best manufacturers of bicycle components worldwide.

Crank Brothers – All components (pedals, handlebars, grips, power, saddles, seatposts and Telescopic seatposts), rough and covered (hubs, quick release, spokes and wheels), workshop tools and accessories (pumps) Cycling Crank Brothers available in the search engine of CoreBicycle with offers.

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Clipless pedals CrankBrothers Mallet E 11 / Crank Brothers

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