Chromag Contact flat Pedals

Chromag Contact flat Pedals

Chromag Contact flat Pedals

The Chromag Contact flat pedals have managed to lower the weight without losing a whit in stiffness or resistance against the forces of the rider. they are characterized by their finesse, with only 13 millimeters on the shaft. One of the keys is the manufacture of chromoly steel while the flat is made of aluminium.

These pedals have been used in competition by the best racers. Its design is hollow-shaped inside, and to improve the grip with the foot, 9 nails are used on the surface.

Despite its lightness – only 190 grams – The Chromag Contact pedals are bulletproof as they have passed numerous control tests. They stand out for their durability and tenacity. The axis has prioritized safety as it is the point of attachment to the bike and is the most committed place.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the beautiful aesthetics and the variety of colors with which you can get: red, black, blue, grey, brown and lilac.

Chromag Contact flat Pedals / Chromag

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