MTB Race Face Turbine Handlebars

MTB Race Face Turbine Handlebars

Handlebars for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE/mountain Bike Race Face Turbine 31.8 mm x 720mm

The 700 mm Turbine handlebar will keep you low and fully in control. With a rear inclination of 8 degrees and 240 g of weight, this handlebar will provide you with all the speed you need. Ideal for 29-inch-29er wheel bikes!

Made from 6061 aluminum without seals, cold drawn and shot blasted to increase fatigue resistance.

In addition, its variable sections create an optimal ratio between resistance and weight and result in a sturdy but light handlebar.

The logo has been stamped by thermotransference to achieve an incredible appearance.

Features of Race Face Turbine handlebars

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  • Made from alloy 7075 T6 Cold drawn
  • Light enough for Cross Country but sturdy enough for All Mountain
  • Blasting to increase the lifespan of fatigue resistance
  • Suitable for MTB/Mountain Bike: XC (Cross Country) and Trail
  • Handlebar Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Weight: 170 g
  • Elevation: 0 º
  • Backward Tilt: 8 º
  • Width: 720 mm

Weight: 240gramos

Dual-height Race Face Turbine Handlebars

This full suspension-height handlebar (10mm or 20mm) and a 35mm thickness makes the pleasures of the most demanding XC riders and trails.

The Race Face Turbine is now bigger, wider and lighter. The handlebar extends with a length of 760 mm and also has a diameter of 35 mm in the center. This allows Race Face to save material and reduce the overall weight of the handlebar.

Full suspension height Race Face Turbine handlebars for MTB/mountain biking/Ciclsimo (35 mm)

  • Manufacture from 7075 aluminum
  • Design of 35 mm optimized triple-thickness variable
  • Suitable for: Cross Country, Trail
  • Dimensions: 760 mm wide
  • Elevation: 10 and 20 mm
  • Weight: 270 g
  • Handlebar Diameter: 35 mm

Full suspension-height handlebar (0.75 ") MTB Race Face Turbine

  • Inidcado for Cycling modalities: Cross Country, Trail, All Mountain
  • Dimensions: 725 mm, 9 ° backward, 6 ° upward
  • Elevation: 0.75 "(approx. 1.9 cm)-20mm
  • Handlebar Diameter: 31.8 mm
  • Weight: 290 g

Made from 7075-T6 aluminum cold drawn and shot blasted to increase fatigue resistance (wear that can cause rupture by use). This handlebar maintains an optimal balance between resistance and weight, so it will allow the rider to get a sturdy but light handlebar

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