Easton HAVOC Mountain Bike Handlebar 800 / - DH/Downhill - aluminium / Carbon

Easton HAVOC - Aluminum and carbon - bicycle handlebar 800 mm for downhill bike/DH/downhill

The Easton Cycling brand introduces us to the havoc 800 mm handlebar model that intgra the Havoc series. This handlebar for downhill bike, we can find the version of aluminum and carbon. Both models of handlebars have a height of 20 mm, diameter of 35 mm, recoil of 9 º and elevation of 5 º.

Due to the difference between the materials of manufacture of the two models of handlebars, we found a difference of 80 grams between both (300 grams the handlebar of aluminum and 220 grams the carbon). As for the length of the handlebars, we see that it measures about 800 mm, which makes it an ideal model to achieve greater stability during the practice of cycling downhill/ downhill/DH.

The Applied Technology Taperwall used during the elaboration of this model of handlebars in the version of aluminum and carbon, allows that according to the zone, the handlebar has a greater or smaller thickness and, therefore, a greater resistance where more is needed.

Then we leave you with the technical characteristics of the handlebar HAVOC 800 mm of the brand Easton Cycling:

Easton HAVOC Aluminium Mountain Bike handlebar – 35 mm

  • Height: 20mm
  • Recoil: 9th
  • Elevation: 5 º
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Diameter: 35 mm
  • Material: Aluminium EA90
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Colors: black, silver or green

Easton HAVOC Carbon – 35 mm – downhill bike handlebar

  • Height: 20mm
  • Recoil: 9th
  • Elevation: 5 º
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Diameter: 35 mm
  • Material: Carbon EC90
  • Weight: 220 grams

What do we know about the Easton Cycling brand?

The Easton Brand is a company born in Los Angeles, California (United States) in the year 1984.

Since its inception Easton has highlighted in the world of cycling by applying the best technology in all its components. The flagship product has been and continues to be the bicycle wheels.

During the first years the American brand began making great innovations in the wheels for the practice of road cycling. But his desire for improvement and innovation in all fields, made him quickly enter the world of Mountain Bike.

That's why Easton currently has specific wheels for all MTB disciplines such as: XC, all Mountain, DH and Freeride, plus all available in different inch sizes.

To highlight in the design and creation of Wheels Easton has a team of highly qualified engineers destined to the search of the best material to make a light and sturdy wheels at the same time. Today aluminum and carbon are the most used elements to create the wheels, but Easton does not stop in the attempt to find new alloys that improve the performance of their products

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