Transmission/Groupset Sram XX1/X01 Eagle-chain, chainring, change, cassette, cranksets and lever

Transmission/Groupset Sram XX1/X01 Eagle-chain, chainring, change, cassette, cranksets and lever

Chain, chainring, change, cassette, cranks and lever Sram XX1/X01 Eagle-

The prestigious Sram brand has released the new transmission groupset XX1 and X01, specially designed to be used in the modalities of cycling Cross Country/XC and Rally, and for enduro, respectively. The main and great novelty that Sram brings us with the groupset XX1 and X01, is that it incorporates 12 sprockets instead of 11 as it was done so far. This great innovation in the world of cycling, will give a greater amplitude of use to the Monoplate Transmiss ions that will allow to dismiss the front derailleur.

The two groups that present Sram, are 1X12 and incorporate new technologies mainly to the chain, the X-Sync chainrings, X-Glide cassette of 10-15 and 12 sprockets.


The new Sram Eagle XX1 Groupset has cranksets with greater strength, stiffness and lightness. Being hollow inside and having a system of Carbon-tuned layers, the weight of these is reduced and thus increasing its efficiency and resistance. Also, if you add the Direct Mount Eagle chainring, it gives us as a result, that the cranks will help to generate more power in the pedal blows.

The gearshift that incorporates the new Sram XX1 Groupset, in addition to responding to all the needs of the Eagle transmission, will guarantee a greater capacity and a specific X-Horizon design for 1x. With the XX1, it has increased the 14-tooth caster X-Sync with which you can use cassettes between 10 and 50 teeth. The Turbo trainer Bearing Cluth Type 3 has a smoother rotation, so it will be quieter and more constant. The Structure Lock has been placed further back with the aim of increasing space and keeping it safe from the dirt we can find during workouts with the trail bike. The external body of this change has been made by carbon fibre and the internal body with forged aluminium.

The XX1 pushbuttons, will guarantee the cyclist the maximum precision and ergonomics so that it has the best comfort during the training with the bicycle. The Grip Shift controls and Trigger buttons will help the biker to have a perfect control over the 12 speeds of the rear cassette.

Finally, the cassette XG-1299 QUE incorporates the groupset Eagle XX1, has been designed to be used with the core XD because it has 12 speeds and pinions between 10 and 50 teeth that will guarantee a range of changes of 500% I respect 2x. This cassette is only compatible with Sram Eagle chain. The main feature of the new Eagle chain, compatible with both the XX1 groupset and the X01, is its silent performance of the transmission, without leaving aside its smoothness and precision. All this is possible because the edges of this are no longer sharp or beveled, which will significantly reduce friction and wear, and therefore also noise.

SRAM EAGLE X01 Transmission Groupset

As for the cranksets of the new groupset Eagle X01 designed specifically for the modality of Enduro, has completely modified its design, using the technology by layers Carbon tuned. When combined with the new direct Mount Eagle chainrings, these cranks are placed as an alternative for the Enduro. The Eagle X01 crank s have been made using composite charcoal and have foam inside. We can find it in 30d, 32d, 34d, 36d and 38d of available developments. The Eagle chainring has been made from forged aluminium and mechanized with an anodized finish.

The new Sram Eagle X01 gear shift has been developed in order to achieve maximum capacity with the best X-Horizon design. The 14-tooth caster X-Sync has increased its size, allowing cassettes between 10 and 50 teeth in a compact design. Thanks to this change of Eagle gears, the pedaling sensation will be smoother. The Turbo trainer Bearing Clutch Type 3 has a finer, lighter rotation as well as silent. The Structure Lock has moved backwards leaving more room to protect it from dirt that we can find along the way. The change Eagle X01 has 12 speeds and has been manufactured by forged aluminium.

As for the Trigger buttons and the Grip Shift controls, the rider will be given maximum efficiency and comfort during workouts so that the controller can control the 12 speeds.

The new Sram Eagle X01 Groupset, has a XG-1295 cassette with which the rider will achieve the maximum performance when going out to train with the bike. Next to the new XG. 1295 cassette It is recommended to use an Eagle string and the X01 groupset; Also, this cassette only has compatibility with XD body.

The chain used by the X01 groupset, has the Hard Chrome technology, which will increase the optimum performance time of this, as well as the titanium nitride coating on the Gold and Black models also reducing friction.

What do we know about the Sram brand?

SRAM is a brand created at the end of the years 80 in Chicago. In just 30 years of experience in the market, SRAM has seen how it experienced great growth and evolved at high speed. In the beginning, they only manufactured a lever and had a workforce of 5 employees and currently have a workforce of 1,500 employees distributed in more than 12 manufacturing plants throughout the world.

The strengths of the SRAM brand are its great capacity for innovation and its good customer service (pre and post sale).

This brand has grown rapidly also thanks to the acquisitions it has been making: in 1997 bought the company Sachs Bicycle (which manufactured mainly chains, nuts and hubs) and in 2002 made the great acquisition buying RockShox . RockShox is the largest specialist in MTB rear shocks along with other major brands such as Fox Racing Shox, Bos, etc.

He has also acquired large companies such as Avid (dedicated to brakes) or Truvativ (dedicated to cranks, power and other components).

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