ODI Rogue Lock-On and ATV single Ply bike handlebar grips

ODI Rogue Lock-On and ATV single Ply bike handlebar grips

Handlebar Grips ODI 2018: Rogue LOCK-ON & Rogue ATV SINGLE PLY

Ideal for riders who need an extra grip on handlebars. Besides, with these grips the control of the bike and the absorption of blows is guaranteed.

Features of ODI grips ROGUE Lock On

  • It has pads that provide the best shock absorbing.
  • It stands out for its strength and performance.
  • Rugged surface pattern for better traction.
  • Lock-On System.
  • Anti-slip technology.
  • Includes new Snap cap end caps.
  • Length: 130 mm.

Features of Grips Odi Rogue ATV Single PLY (without grip system)

  • Cushioning pads.
  • Maximum grip.
  • Grip System Lock-On grip system.
  • 100% non-slip performance.
  • It features Snap cap end caps.
  • Length: 143 mm.

What do we know about the ODI brand?

The American brand ODI Nation 25 years ago, by the 1990, and since then has put all the means to be the leading brand in sales of motorcycle grips and for cycling. As they say in their slogan "World leader in Grip technology" and is that it is not just a slogan is their philosophy of work.

Since its creation has been generating dozens of patents in mixtures of different compounds for grips and after a lot of tests with the best cyclists and professionals in the world of motor have come to get a grips with fascinating features of Adhesion, comfort and resistance.

ODI Rogue Lock-On and ATV single Ply bike handlebar grips / ODI

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