Race Face Turbine Dropper seatpost for All Mountain and Enduro

Race Face Turbine Dropper seatpost for All Mountain and Enduro
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Race Face Turbine Dropper seatpost for Enduro and All Mountain

Race Face introduces us to its new Turbineseatpost. It is a model focused on demanding modalities of mountain biking such as the Enduro and the All mountain. Notable for being available in two sizes; That at the same time offer a variable travel as desired by the cyclist. Its design allows to carry the cables inside the structure, in order to obtain a more aesthetic vision in the bicycle.

Features dropper seatpost Race Face Turbine MTB

The operation of this dropper seatpost is based on a hybrid system that combines hydraulic and mechanical technology. This ensures a reliable drive and guarantees that will not disappoint the rider. As for the internal part, its air pressure is constantly balanced for a reliability of 100%. It prevents the seatpost from getting stuck, even in extremely cold temperatures.

On the other hand, by means of a redistribution of its parts, the rider's weight now rests on a metal clasp. This extends the life of the Turbine and preserves its smoothness. Besides, the lever that is placed on the handlebar of the bike is very intuitive and easy to actuate, transmitting the impulse automatically.

In short, the Race Face Turbine is suitable for those pilots who want to increase their performance in routes or races with changing levels. The telescopic seatposts are ideal to take advantage of your strength of ride in rises, while lowering their position allow to relax your posture in technical zones and to face them with greater comfort.

Race Face Turbine Dropper seatpost for All Mountain and Enduro / Race Face

From 279.99 EUR to 400.46 EUR

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