Dropper seatpost Ice V8 Deluxe

Dropper seatpost Ice V8 Deluxe

Dropper seatpost ICE V8 Deluxe

The ICE V8 Deluxe Dropper seatpost has a great quality-price ratio. It is a seatpost with mechanical drive, although it is not usually jammed and the operation is relentless. Its body is aluminum, which endows it with lightness and resistance to Infortunitos blows. The lever is anchored to the handlebar and its drive is simple and simple: It consists only of a lever that goes up or down according to the position of the seatpost. The cable output has been improved and is now more glued to the frame to improve aesthetics, operation and avoid snagging.

On the other hand, the diameter of the ICE V8 Deluxe dropper seatpost is , 2mm and also includes adapters for 30, 9mm and 31, 6mm. This allows it to be able to adapt to a larger number of different frames and that is ideal for the majority.

The seatpost's path is 90mm. Thus, the user has a wide margin to adapt it to the needs of each terrain. It also has an intermediate point in the 45 millimeters, very useful for areas that require more control but without sacrificing the power of ride. The total length of the seatpost is 400mm and is ideal for modalities such as Enduro, All Mountain, Dirt or DH.

Features of the ICE V8 Deluxe seatpost:

  • Maximum permissible weight of the cyclist 120kg.
  • Weight 555gr (according to manufacturer).
  • Material: Steel and aluminum.
  • Diameter , 2mm.
  • Straight head.
  • Length 400mm.
  • 90mm Travel (with 3 positions).
  • bellows to prevent dirt from getting inside and Deteriorating.
  • Color Black/Silver.
  • Remote control to the handlebar.
  • includes spare Ratchets.


Dropper seatpost Ice V8 Deluxe / ICE

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