Dropper seatpost E-Thirteen TRS + (TRS PLUS)

Dropper seatpost E-Thirteen TRS + (TRS PLUS)

Dropper seatpost EThirteen TRS + (TRS PLUS) - 125mm, 150mm and 170mm travel

With a 100% mechanical operating design, the MTB E-Thirteen Seatpost Drop TRS Plus remote dropper seatpost will provide you with all maintenance tasks as it does not require circuit bleeding (such as the disc braking system).

The extension system is by coil spring.

Maintenance: Dropper seatpost E-Thirteen TRS + (TRS PLUS)

The dropper seatpost EThirteen TRS + (TRS PLUS) can be completely dismantled with common bicycle tools. No nitrogen or oil charges required.

In addition, the saddle position can be locked at different heights (a total of 4 different heights):

  • 125mm Route: 4 height of 125mm Lock Heights – 95mm height – 65mm height – 0mm
  • 150mm Travel: 4 positions 150-110-80-0
  • 170mm Travel: 4 positons 170-150-100-0

Weight dropper seatpost E-Thirteen TRS + (TRS PLUS)

  • 570 grams of weight the 150mm dropper seatpost of travel (single seatpost)
  • 490g weight 125mm Dropper seatpost (seatpost only)
  • 65g The Handlebar remote control
Seatpost diameter where available:

30.9 mm and 31.6 mm

Dropper seatpost E-Thirteen TRS + (TRS PLUS) / E Thirteen

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