Oval MTB Chainrings

Oval MTB Chainrings

If the oval chainrings contribute or not? It is a question that is being discussed daily in each groupset of MTB riders and in this post we will "groupset" some of the most important answers given by biomechanics engineers throughout all the Internet networks and media.

What is the function of oval chainrings?

The oval chainrings, once installed on our bike correctly, what they are looking for is to modify the moment of force during the pedaling changing their "moment" of effectiveness and the ineffectiveness.
To be able to carry out such echo is very, we remark "very", important the correct installation of the chainring on the bicycle and its correct study of the anatomy and biodynamics of the cyclist/rider.

Can I get hurt if I put the oval chainring wrong?

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We have not studied in depth, but we have tried different positions, and even opposite, no one has referred patalogías. At most, an inadequacy to the ovality, but that was the object of the study.

How do I install an oval dish?

As mentioned above, the most important thing is an exhaustive study of the moment of strength of each rider and without this study is very difficult to know exactly the correct position of location of the dish.

Do they increase performance?

Studies have been generated that quote literally: "it has been observed, both in ride analysis on the bike itself and empirically in potentiometers in maximum effort, that the capacity of acceleration improves in many cases if the ovality is placed in the The right point to pedal the cyclist. In constant pedaling, the presence of much increased inertia of the opposite headset makes it more difficult to speak of an improvement, although they can provoke indirect adaptations such as to facilitate the gesture and, therefore, to obtain a high cadence ".

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