Hydraulic Disc brake Magura MT8 and MT8 Carbon RaceLine Special Edition

Hydraulic Disc brake Magura MT8 and MT8 Carbon RaceLine Special Edition

Hydraulic Disc brake Magura MT8

The prestigious brand Magura has brought to the sale the new model of hydraulic disc brake MT8. This new disc brake, is a high-end and reference model in the world of XC/cross Cycling competitions. The levers, in the clamp and in the tweezers, incorporate carbon fiber, even though the latter also have aluminium.

To provide the user with the best comhated when changing the brake pads, the two pistons have the MagnetiXchange technology. In the elaboration of the brake levers, a Ajute dial has been used, the function of which will be that each cyclist can personalize the distance between the grip and the lever without having to use any tool.

The brake discs recommended for use with the Magura MT8 brake model are the Storm SL 203/180/160/140 mm models.

Features Disc brake Magura MT8

  • Hydraulic Disc brake
  • Levers, clamps and tweezers (next to aluminium) made with carbon fiber
  • MagnetiXchange Technology for get easy replacement of brake pads.
  • It has pistons
  • PM/IS Adapters
  • weight: 299 grams (without brake disc)

Disc brake Magura MT8 Carbon RaceLine Special Edition

The special edition of the Magura MT8 RaceLine disc Brake has been designed with a carbon lever and the Carbotecture SL master cylinderbox. The bridge has been made with forged aluminium and has a yellow design.

The distance of the lever can be modified with an Allen wrench 3 tool in a simple and quick way to provide the rider with the best comfort on the bike. The MT8 hydraulic brake model designed for the practice of All Mountain and XC/Cross Country Cycling modalities uses a Royal Blood mineral oilliquid.

Features Magura MT8 RaceLine carbon Disk brake

  • Hydraulic Disc brake
  • Carbon lever
  • Excellent design in yellow/green fluorescent color
  • It has pistons
  • Brake fluid: Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Compatible with Storm SL disks

What do we know about the Magura brand?

Magura, is a brand of cycling founded in the year 1893. Magura is currently a world leader in the technology applied in the design and manufacture of hydraulic disc brakes for cycling. The Magura brand was one of the first companies to produce a hydraulic rim brake such as the HS33 and the first to use a fused single piece clamp, the Gustav M. This innovative brake caliper has been used by Ciclsimo legends such as Tomac or Palmer, while the brakes we can find today in the market are used by cyclists of the stature of Liam Killeen and Tyler "Super T" Klasse n among many others. In the year 2007 Magura presented a new and prestigious range of forks that have as main point a full suspension bow and the Maxle in the Forks of Freeride.

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Hydraulic Disc brake Magura MT8 and MT8 Carbon RaceLine Special Edition / Magura

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