New rear brake and front HOPE TECH 3 E4

Hope Tech 3 E4 Disc brake – Braided cable

The brand Hope has released the new model of disc brake Tech 4 E4. This brake made with 2014-T6 alloy aluminum is ideal for cycling out of All Mountain and Freeride.

The Hope Tech 3 has the main properties of the master Tech Evo cylinder but with greater ergonomics, power and handlebar integration. The new master Tech 3 cylinder has increased the power by 5% and by having the clamp checked, it will provide the rider with the power and adjustment capacity it needs. The clamp is 9.74 and has all the mounting options. The four 16 mm phenolic piston s will guarantee the rider a greater power as well as more efficient. The Hope Tech 3 E4 brake disc is compatible with Shimano I Specgearboxes, so it will not be necessary to use a mounting stand to attach the shift lever to the master cylinder; It has also developed a minimalist direct mount adapter for Sramswitch levers.

In order to provide the rider with the best comfort during pedaling, Hope has worked to ensure that the master Tech 3 cylinder has an excellent handlebar integration without losing its ambidextrous design.

The E4 clamp with the Hope Tech 3 disc brake has been machined with CNC by means of a solid block of alloy Aluminium 2014 T6. This caliper has four equal 16 mm phenolic pistons that will provide the rider with greater usable power to the brake.

Features HOPE TECH 3 E4 disc brake

  • Range adjustment and Grip point Control (BPC) on the fly.
  • 5% more power compared to TECH Evo.
  • Master cylinders ambidextrous to achieve better integration in the handlebars.
  • New design of piston and reserve membrane overall.
  • Direct compatibility with the Shimano I-Spec change lever.
  • Direct mount available for SRAM shift levers.
  • CNC Machin ing of the clamp with a block of alloy aluminium 2014 T6.
  • 9.74 clamp with all mounting options.
  • four 16 mm phenolic piston s for higher brake power.
  • Wide angle hitch for the cable connector.
  • Adjustment of pads on top.
  • Braided Cable.
  • Weight: from 400 g.
  • It has no rotors or supports.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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