HOPE V4-140, 160, 180, 183, 200 and 203mm bike brake disc

HOPE V4-140, 160, 180, 183, 200 and 203mm bike brake disc

Hope Floating Brake disc compatible with V4, E4 and X2 2017 brakes

The Hope brand makes available the new 2017 floating brake disc for bicycles. This disc model is compatible with the Hope X2, E4, V4 brakes and is ideal for riders who want the maximum performance when going out to train with the bike. The main strong point of the new floating brake disc is the large braking surface it provides, so that it can be adapted to different disciplines of mountain biking.

The test of this versatile floating brake disc of the Hope brand has been carried out in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, known especially for the rugged relief and the "Tres Picos".

The Hope V4 2017 brake disc, is a model that will allow the rider to get the most efficient braking in the training/competitions with the mountain bike; In addition, this floating brake disc, thanks to its ergonomically designed orifices, will easily adapt to temperature changes.

Features Hope V4/E4/X2 2017 floating brake Disc

  • It is fixed by 6 screws.
  • Available diameters: 140 mm, 160 mm, 183 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 203 mm
  • floating disk.
  • Braking surface made of stainless steel and laser-cut.
  • Excellent braking response.
  • Available in different colors: blue, lilac/purple, red, grey, black
  • Hardware included.

What do we know about the Hope brand?

Hope Technology is a brand manufacturer of high quality components for the bicycle. This company began its activity in the years 80 as a subcontracted mechanization manufacturing tools and accessories for local aerospace companies. In the year 1989 Hope began designing disc brakes for mountain bikes.

Currently, Hope manufactures almost all types of components that we can find on a bicycle; These components include: axles, brakes, power, steering, lights, and bottom bracket axes. All the processes of design and manufacture of the products that we find in the portfolio of the Hope brand, go through different quality controls to get the best components and of the highest quality.

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HOPE V4-140, 160, 180, 183, 200 and 203mm bike brake disc / Hope

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