New cycling Shorts Gore bike Wear Element Pactilte-Gore-Tex

New cycling Shorts Gore bike Wear Element Pactilte-Gore-Tex
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Shorts Gore Bike Wear Element Paclite

The new model of MTB shorts Gore Bike Wear element Pactilte is an element that all Mountain Bike rider should have enter their bike belongings. Thanks to the Shorts Element Pactilte, the rider will have a great protection; In addition, this model of Bermuda will keep you dry and safe from splashes of mud and water.

The MTB Element Pactilte shorts that the prestigious Gore Bike Wear brand has brought to the market will provide the cyclist with the best comfort during the workouts. In the buttocks area, it incorporates a reinforcement with anti-skid protection. An elastic waist with a flat shoe lace has been added to help the rider have a perfect fit.

The reflective details that incorporate these MTB shorts in both the legs, front and side, will contribute to greater protection of the rider during training with the mountain bike.

Characteristics MTB Shorts GORE bike WEAR ELEMENT PACTILTE

  • Great protection and dryness against splashing mud and water during workouts. Thanks to this, the new model of MTB Element Pactilte shorts are the perfect model to go out and train.
  • High level of comfort thanks to the high quality materials used.
  • Elastic waist that will guarantee a perfect fit and also has a flat shoe lace.
  • Non-slip protection in the buttocks area.
  • Logo and reflective details for better rider visibility by other users.

Expert opinion

The new Bermuda Gore bike Wear Element Pactilite will keep the rider protected and offering you the best comfort during cycling workouts.

What do we know about the GORE BIKE WEAR brand?

The brand Gore Bike Wear is a brand with a long history in the market of "fabrics"... hence much of its value applied to the world of cycling is in the high quality of the fabrics that works: Gore-Tex and Windstopper.

The Gore bike Wear cycling sport wear-clothing are reflective of comfort, protection, functionality and design and this is due to the great investment in resources that the brand invests in making its designs; They know they have to do to make comfortable clothing without compromising the safety and visibility of the rider in cases where it requires.

Its windbreak, waterproof clothing, thermal jackets, jerseys, culottes, cycling underwear, bandanas, hats and much more are already famous.

In addition, in many cases the offers of the online stores offer us a more economical way to acquire the cycling sport wear-clothing that we need through the "set of pieces" or sets of more pieces;)
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New cycling Shorts Gore bike Wear Element Pactilte-Gore-Tex / Gore Bike Wear

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