Cycling Shorts Gore Bike Wear Xenon Race .0

Cycling Shorts Gore Bike Wear Xenon Race .0
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The Xenon Race .0 is the new model of cycling shorts that has launched the brand Gore Bike Wear. With this new shorts, the rider can go out to train having the utmost comfort and protection, regardless of the time you are riding the bike.

Cycling Shorts Gore Bike Wear Xenon Race .0

The short cycling Shorts Xenon Race .0 that Gore Bike Wear has brought to the market, is considered a high-end element elaborated with the best materials and of the highest quality. Its great lightness, will give the cyclist the maximum comfort when it comes to carrying out long trainings and demanding, with the road bike.

The Xenon Race .0has been made with lightweight compression fabric that will perfectly adapt to the rider's body and will guarantee maximum comfort when going out to train with the bike. The inner hem with flat seams, will offer the cyclist the best adjustment system and a high level of comfort. This model of cycling shorts that has released the brand Gore bike Wear, has been heavy for professional riders and those who spend many hours on the bike.

The new cycling Shorts Xenon Race .0, has stuffed xenon Men and the suspenders have been made with grid with the aim of increasing breathability. The design stamped on the side has been designed to be reflective and so the rider has better protection as it can be seen more easily by other users in days of low visibility. In the front and back we find a logo also reflective.

Features shorts GORE BIKE WEAR XENON RACE .0

  • High-end cycling shorts.
  • elaborated with the best materials and of the highest quality.
  • Use of lightweight compression fabric.
  • Inner hem with flat shores.
  • Xenon Men stuffing for greater comfort.
  • Reflective details to increase rider safety.

Expert opinion

Maximum comfort and protection with short shorts with cycling straps Gore bike Wear Xenon Race .0

What do we know about the GORE BIKE WEAR brand?

The brand Gore Bike Wear is a brand with a long history in the market of "fabrics"... hence much of its value applied to the world of cycling is in the high quality of the fabrics that works: Gore-Tex and Windstopper.

The Gore bike Wear cycling sport wear-clothing are reflective of comfort, protection, functionality and design and this is due to the great investment in resources that the brand invests in making its designs; They know they have to do to make comfortable clothing without compromising the safety and visibility of the rider in cases where it requires.

Its windbreak, waterproof clothing, thermal jackets, jerseys, culottes, cycling underwear, bandanas, hats and much more are already famous.

In addition, in many cases the offers of the online stores offer us a more economical way to acquire the cycling sport wear-clothing that we need through the "set of pieces" or sets of more pieces;)
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Cycling Shorts Gore Bike Wear Xenon Race .0 / Gore Bike Wear

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