Cycling Santini Origine Short/long sleeve jersey

Cycling Santini Origine  Short/long sleeve jersey

Santini Origine Short sleeve cycling jersey

This garment stands out mainly because of its high aerodynamic capacity, which is given by the elastic and breathable fabric used during its manufacture. In addition, it also has a perfect fit to the body thanks to its anatomical shape.

The Soft Andorra provides the jersey with great ventilation and light ness that will increase the comfort on the bike.

In the back of the Origine jersey, 3 pockets have been incorporated so you can store small items in a comfortable and safeway.

  • Fullface front zipper.
  • Temperature range: + 18/+ 35
  • Aerodynamics
  • breathability/ventilation
  • UV-Protection
  • Elasticity

Santini Origine Long sleeve Cycling jersey

For the manufacture of the maillot origin e, high quality materials and fabrics have been used that will provide the best protection, comfort and breathability.

This long arm warmers jersey also has Pirenei polyester, a very light material that you will hardly notice that you wear while it protects you from the cold and keeps you dry at all times. The fabric used is much warm er and has better anti-humidity properties than the typical thermal wool. In addition, 3 perfect pockets have been added to the back area to store everything you need.

  • Temperature range: + 8/+ 15.
  • Breathability.
  • Aerodynamics.
  • Insulation/cold protection.
  • Wind resistance.
  • Resistance to rain.
  • Reflective 3d Logo to the back that will increase visibility in low light days.


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