One Industries Vapor Stratum: Long sleeve T-shirt, pants and gloves

One Industries Vapor Stratum: Long sleeve T-shirt, pants and gloves

One Industries Collection Vapor Stratum

MTB Long sleeve jersey ONE INDUSTRIES Steam STRATUM

The new steam Stratum long sleeve MTB jersey featuring the brand One Industries, is a key element when going out to train with the bike. This highly breath able model, made with 100% polyestermaterial, will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort when it comes to pedalling. Moreover, its special dedication in its manufacture, has made that it has achieved a jersey that drains perfectly the humidity of the body of the cyclist.

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The MTB One Industries Stratum steam jersey has been elaborated with the best materials to provide the rider with the greatest comfort that will be reflected in a higher performance of this during the workouts. This jersey has also been added an additional material with a long skirt that will be in charge of keeping the jersey in the pants without causing any inconvenience to the rider. This jersey that has brought the brand one Industries to the market will guarantee the cyclist a great breathability thanks to the mesh panels that incorporates the new steam Stratum.

With this functional and lightweight jersey, the biker can go out to train with the MTB bike having the best comfort so that it can increase its performance on the bike. In addition, this jersey has been designed to eliminate the hassle of the rider, produced because the arm warmers of the jersey are climbed alone.

Technical Specifications Maillot One Industries Vapor Stratum

  • Designed to be used in MTB modalities.
  • Made with 100% polyestermaterial.
  • Very functional and light garment.
  • high level of breath ability to achieve excellent rider comfort.



The Stratum steam cycling long trousers that give us the brand One Industries are part of the steam collection, which will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort when going out to train with the MTB bike. Its elaboration in material 100% polyester, will turn it into a highly breathable garment with what the rider can go out to train having a high level of comfort. This breathability will be thanks to the mesh back panels that incorporate these trousers and have been manufactured with moisture-absorbing materials.

These long trousers of the one Industries brand are a very light and functional element so that the cyclist can train with the bicycle with great comfort, as well as having the maximum performance.

Features of MTB One Industries long pants steam Stratum

  • Designed to be used in MTB modalities.
  • High level of breathability of the trousers thanks to the mesh panels and to have been elaborated using materials that absorb the moisture.
  • Made of 100% polyestermaterial.
  • Very light and functional to ensure the best comfort during workouts.



These new Stratum steam Glovesare the latest members of the steam collection of the brand One Industries. These cycling gloves have been elaborated using different materials: synthetic leather (45%), polyester (35%), nylon (15%) and PVC foam (5%); In addition, these protective gloves, incorporate silicone on the inside of the wrist and in The palm of the hand and fingers improving the grip and control of the rider on the bike.

The one Industries Vapor Stratum gloves, have been made by a light and ventilated construction thanks to the elastic mesh without grip s that incorporates. With these cycling gloves, the biker can go out to train having the best security and comfort so that it can perform the best workouts on the bike.

Features Gloves One Industries steam Stratum

  • Made for use in MTB mode.
  • High level of breathability.
  • Light and ventilated construction.
  • It has an elastic mesh without grips.
  • Manufacturing materials: 45% synthetic leather, 35% polyester, 15% nylon, 5% PVC foam
  • Silicone reinforcements in the palm of the hand, fingers and in the inner part of the wrist.
  • great grip and control of the bike during workouts.

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