One Industries Vapor Lite: Long sleeve MTB and trousers T-shirt

One Industries Vapor Lite: Long sleeve MTB and trousers T-shirt

One Industries Vapor Lite Collection



The new model of the steam jersey Lite that has released the brand one Industries is an element made with the best materials to guarantee the rider the maximum comfort when going out to pedal with the bike. With this long-sleeved MTB jersey The cyclist will have the best freedom of movement so that he can train with maximum performance and comfort. This will be thanks to the Raglan cut of the arm warmers.

The fabric used during its manufacture will take care of absorbing the humidity and sweat of the rider to keep it fresh during the workouts. This long-sleeved jersey has greater coverage and comfort with the V-welted neck.

The sublimated graphics of the one Industries branded steam jersey will provide a tough and aggressive look that will not fade over time.

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Features MTB One Industries steam Lite Jersey

  • Designed to be used in MTB cycling.
  • Highly breathable fabric that absorbs moisture and sweat.
  • It has sublimated graphics for greater durability of the stamping.
  • Mesh arm warmers, which will result in greater lightness.
  • cut Raglan of the arm warmers so that the rider has a great freedom of movement.



The MTB one Industries Vapor Lite long pants are a garment that will give the rider the best comfort when going out to train with the bike. Its elastic construction will allow the rider to have the maximum freedom of movement when going out to pedal with the MTB bike so that it can train with the maximum performance.

This model of trousers of the brand one Industries has the durability assured thanks to the saddle panel Kordura which has a great resistance to the abrasion of the terrain. Also, the pants Lite have leather panels on the knees that will also contribute to a greater durability of these. In addition these trousers are easily adjustable and feature a hidden inner pocket.

Features MTB One Industries steam Lite Pants

  • Designed to be used in MTBcycling.
  • Elastic construction.
  • Maximum freedom of movement.
  • Leather panels on the knees and Kordura saddle panel for greater durability.
  • It has a hidden inner pocket .


What do we know about the ONE INDUSTRIES brand?

The brand One Industries was created in California in the year 1997 by a groupset of young friends and lovers of motocross. In its beginnings, its creators began creating a line of motocross products with innovative and unique designs that soon created the admiration of the pilots.

The main products they designed were T-shirts, trousers, helmets, saddle covers, Gloves... Thanks to the good acceptance of the company began to grow and its spectacular designs began to occupy the circuits around the world.

It was not until the year 2012 that the company decided to enter the world of mountain biking. To make their way into the Mountain Bike Market They bet on continuing to offer unique and spectacular designs in all their sport wear-clothing and accessories.

For this reason the Riders of DownHill, soon they knew the brand one Industries and with a short period of time they are succeeding to seduce to many riders. In the field of cycling stands out for making sweaters, MTB shorts, protections, helmets, gloves, Jackets...

Today many pilots such as: Josh Grant, Kyler Partidge, Bracken Hall, Kyle Cunningham, Josh Hansen or Nick Wey in the modality of Motocross and Loïc Bruni, Loris Vergier, Ben Cruz, Matt Roe or Eva Ailloud in Downhill and BMX show the One Industries brand in competitions.

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