Cycling Jerseys AHS 2018-Mortirolo, Stelvio, Naranco, Rapidità, Centenario, Velocit

Nalini AHS 2018 Short Jerseys: Mortirolo, Stelvio, Naranco, Rapidità, Centenario, Velocità, podium, Discesa, Vittoria

Nalini Short arm warmers Mortirolo jersey 2018

This cycling garment has been manufactured with 3d fabric in the front and with an anatomical cut thus providing a greater ergonomic s to the cyclist. The Nalini AHS Mortirolo Technical T-shirt is perfectly suited even in an attack position on the bike.

The semi-open fabric used in the rear, will provide a greater feeling of ventilation in addition to keeping the rider dry and fresh at all times.

  • Fullface zipper.
  • Silicone band in the waist area.
  • 4 pockets in the back.

Nalini Stelvio jersey Short sleeve cycling jersey

This short sleeve cycling technical T-shirt stands out mainly because of its high capacity of moisture absorption and breathability. In addition, par wing manufacture of this jersey has used the 3d elastic polyester fabric with UPF + 50, Air Protection.

  • 4 back pockets.
  • Reflective details.
  • Roll-Fit Neck

Nalini Short arm warmers Naranco jersey 2018

The main strong point of this short-sleeved cycling jersey is the fast drying of sweat. The new AHS Naranco has a Race-cut cut that will provide a perfect body.

  • Cut extended on the back.
  • Fullface zipper.
  • Minimum seams will increase rider comfort.
  • Silicone band at the waist.
  • Logo and reflective details on the back.

Nalini Rapidità sweater Short sleeve jersey

This cycling technical T-shirt has been manufactured with the treated Mantodry fiber that will provide excellent breathability.

  • 3 pockets with buttons as a locking system.
  • Back area of the longest jersey.
  • Very light.
  • Fullface zipper.
  • Silicone band in the final part that will provide greater comfort.

Nalini Short Sleeve cycling jersey 2018

  • Longer arm warmers with laser-cut bass.
  • Soft, elastic, breathable microfiber Material.
  • Tissue with Mantodry treatment.
  • Fast drying of sweat.
  • Total zipper with Stop function.

Nalini Velocità sweater Short sleeve jersey

This cycling garment is an ideal model for intense routes because one of its strengths is breathability. This is thanks to the use of very light and elastic microfiber fabric. Also, on the sides, flanks and under the arms has been added mesh tissue Insert s that provide excellent ventilation and fast drying of sweat.

  • Snug fit at the same time as comfortable.
  • 3 diagonal pockets on the back.
  • The final part of the wide and soft jersey.

Nalini jersey short Arm warmers Sleeveless Jerseys

This cycling jersey has a Regular cut that will ensure a perfect fit to the body. On the sides has been used mesh fabric that will provide an extra breathability extraordinary.

  • Reflective details.
  • Elastic waist.
  • Front zipper.

Short-sleeve AHS nalini discesa jersey 2018

The Bicesa jersey has an extraordinary design with a pattern that will give you a great energy on the bike. In addition, this jersey has been manufactured with top quality materials that will provide the best comfort and breath ability in your cycling sessions.

  • Very elastic and soft functional polyester.
  • Three back pockets with low elastic band.
  • Reflective details.

Nalini Vittoria jersey Short Sleeve cycling jersey 2018

This cycling jersey has been made with elastic functional polyester fabric that will provide excellent breathability on the bike.

The new Vittoria incorporates reflective details that will provide greater protection for the rider.

  • Back pockets.
  • Made of functional polyester with Mantodry treatment.
  • Fullface zipper.

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