Cycling jacket Northwave Venus for woman

Northwave Venus Jacket for women

The Venus jacket is a version that the brand Northwave has created for the female sex. Its main function is to improve the performance in cold conditions. It is made of cycling- specific fabrics that improve breathability and wind protection. In addition, it has waterproof properties, which will allow the cyclist to train in rainy days.

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This is a model that allows a wide range of motion. By means of a professional carving provides a perfect fit for the woman on the bike, covering all the vulnerable areas. This is achieved with a quality cut, with the seams virtually eliminated and fixing on the waist part. It incorporates silicone to prevent it from climbing once it is in progress.

The aesthetic of the garment is very accurate, with discreet and functional design. In the first place, the neck is molded for optimum comfort, preventing chafing. The two back pockets are very accessible and allow you to store your most precious items. The grip area is reinforced to cover a large part of the cyclist's hands. Finally, the YKK zipper is complete, with inner flap and lockable Camlock lever. The Northwave Venus is recommended temperature range from 0 to 15 degrees Celsius.

In terms of its performance , it is worth mentioning its extreme lightness and remarkable ventilation capacity. This is thanks to its H20 Flex membrane, which apart from being water-repellent also allows heat evacuat ion to keep the body dry. In short, a long-sleeved cycling jersey ideal for winter, suitable for both competition and recreational outings.