New cycling jacket Gore Bike Wear Oxygen .0

Jacket Oxygen .0

Gore Bike Wear presents us its new model of waterproof jacket Oxygen .0 made with material Gore Tex. The Gore bike Wear Oxygen .0 Cycling jacket combines extra lightweight fabric with a 3d ergonomic cut and new technologies.

The neck of the Oxygen .0 jacket has been ergonomically crafted to provide the rider with the best comfort during workouts. In the area of the forearms a zipper has been incorporated for greater ventilation and thus facilitate the placement and removal of the jacket. Also, for a perfect comfort of the rider, the back of the jacket has been lengthened, so that it does not lift up during the pedaling and can disturb the cyclist.

In the area of grips, arm warmers, sides, back and neck has been incorporated reflective details so that the rider can be seen more easily by other users during night training or in days of low visibility.

On the sides of the Oxygen .0 jacket of the brand Gore Bike Wear, we find two openings that will make it easier for the rider to access the jersey's pockets. In addition, this cycling jacket has an element that will make it easier for the rider to unbutton the front area of the neck, as well as to fasten the front part of the hem.


Features GORE BIKE WEAR OXYGEN .0 Jacket

  • Jacket made by Gore Tex fabric to provide the cyclist with the best performance.
  • Zipper on forearms that will increase rider ventilation.
  • Inclusion of reflective details as well as reflective printing areas in different parts of the jacket so that the rider can be seen more easily in days of low visibility or on his nocturnal routes.
  • Side opening for easier access to the jersey's pockets
  • Back area of the longest jacket for greater comfort of rider.
  • Ergonomically crafted neck.


Expert opinion

With the new Gore bike Wear Oxygen .0 jacket, the rider will be able to go out and train with the utmost comfort and having great ventilation during the workouts.


What do we know about the GORE BIKE WEAR brand?

The brand Gore Bike Wear is a brand with a long history in the market of "fabrics"... hence much of its value applied to the world of cycling is in the high quality of the fabrics that works: Gore-Tex and Windstopper.

The Gore bike Wear cycling sport wear-clothing are reflective of comfort, protection, functionality and design and this is due to the great investment in resources that the brand invests in making its designs; They know they have to do to make comfortable clothing without compromising the safety and visibility of the rider in cases where it requires.

Its windbreak, waterproof clothing, thermal jackets, jerseys, culottes, cycling underwear, bandanas, hats and much more are already famous.

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