MTB Gloves Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2017 - 2018

MTB Gloves Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2017 - 2018

Long Cycling Gloves Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2018

The new long Bike Gloves TLD Ruckus 2018 are a very aggressive, durable and breathable model that will provide the cyclist with the best comfort on the bike. Neoprene inserts have been added to the upper part of the hand; In addition, these gloves also have reinforcements of resistant material in the area of the grips and system.

The palm area of the hand has been made with AX Suede with embossed pattern; This detail will provide the gloves with a greater grip on the handlebars. To improve also the comfort on the bike, the Ruckus have absorbent pads on the outside of the palm of the hand.

Finger tips are fully compatible with touch screens. In addition, silicone inserts have been added to the braking fingers.

Gloves features Troy Lee designs Rukus 2018

  • Neoprene inserts perforated on the top of the gloves.
  • Compatible with touch screens on the fingertips.
  • It has a pad located on the outside of the palm of the hand.
  • Silicone on braking fingers to increase touch sensitivity.

Gloves Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2017

The new Gloves Troy Lee designs Ruckus are ideal for the most aggressive and extreme cyclist s of the modalities of Mountain/MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE, downhill, among others. Designed with technical and innovative materials that are very resistant so that the rider is well protected from impacts, falls, etc.

The Ruckus Cycling Glove model is made with the AX Suede ® Palm, reinforced with a second layer of synthetic leather, very breathable and Ventilat ed to keep the hands warm and dry. In the upper part of the hand it incorporates a perforated neoprene layer to have a good protection in extreme weather conditions. In the inner part of the Gloves Ruckus is a very fine padding for the hands are comfortable during training or competitions cycling.

The brand Troy Lee Designs has designed the Ruckus gloves with TPR protection in the Nodillos, offering a high resistance in possible impacts. It also incorporates silicone in the fingers, so that the cyclist has a good contact to the brake lever. The palm of the hand incorporates a full suspension layer for the rider to have a good grip of the handlebar and can practice the different jumps, tricks on the bike with total safety and comfort.

Features of Troy Lee designs Ruckus Gloves:

  • Mountain gloves with resistant protection.
  • Top with perforated neoprene fabric.
  • Palm reinforced with a second layer of synthetic leather.
  • TPR protection on the knuckles with 3d foam graphics.
  • Silicone for greater tact in the braking fingers.

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MTB Gloves Troy Lee Designs Ruckus 2017 - 2018 / Troy Lee Designs

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