SIXSIXONE EVO II Bicycle Gloves-Enduro/downhill/all Mountain/freeride with protection

SIXSIXONE EVO II Bicycle Gloves-Enduro/downhill/all Mountain/freeride with protection

Cycling Gloves SixSixOne-661 EVO II 2017

The new Evo II Cycling Glove model of the 661 – SixSixOne brand has been designed with multiple panel specific materials that will ensure the best comfort and breathability.

The injection protections of D30 material that incorporate the bicycle gloves make the rider have a great protection because when they receive an impact during the trainings, the protection will harden.

In the area of the palms of the hands have been added Clarino material inserts and has been printed finger tips thus providing a great grip and traction to the handlebar. The mesh panels located on the sides of the fingers guarantee an excellent ventilation system. In the index and thumb fingers, silicone Insert s have been incorporated so that, with the gloves on, the cyclist can treat the touch screen of the GPS or his Smartphone.

Features of Sixsixone gloves 661 Evo II:

  • comfortable and breathable design made of multi-panel materials.
  • Additional abrasion resistance with direct injection knuckletrims.
  • Greater comfort and durability with full suspension layer Clarin o in the palm.
  • Better feeling and control with silicone printed on the tips of the fingers.
  • TPR closure system by means of a tab on the wrist.
  • Manufacturing Material : 55% synthetic leather, 40% Nylon, 5% polyester.
  • Available in different colors: grey, red, green, white...

What do we know about the SixSixOne-661 brand?

The SixSixOne brand was founded in the year 2000, in California, United States. From its beginnings the brand sought to create useful protections for the most risky modalities of MTB, BMX and Trial.

The lovers of the downhill, the Enduro, freeride, Urban Freeride, soon began to use the protections created by the brand SixSixOne. Arriving today that the most prestigious riders use the protections of the renowned brand, so in such a short time its logo has become one of the most prestigious in tracks, parks and Trails

SixSixOne's range of products includes mainly the world of cycling and develops products such as: helmets, knee pads, elbows, breastplates, gloves, shoes, shorts. But also with the purpose of increasing the market and being able to meet a greater number of athletes, SixSixOne also performs specific protections for bikers. Among which are the boots, breastplates, gloves, knee pads... with a design specially directed to the bikers.

Without a doubt the SixSixOne protection s meet the demands of the riders who face more risky challenges, transmitting greater security in the most delicate areas of the body such as joints, head or Back.

SIXSIXONE EVO II Bicycle Gloves-Enduro/downhill/all Mountain/freeride with protection / 661 SixSixOne

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