Gloves 100% Winter long BRISKER-

Gloves 100% Winter long BRISKER-

Long Cycling Gloves 100% Brisker

The prestigious brand 100% presents us the model of cycling gloves for winter Brisker. These gloves to leave with the bike, they have a great light ness but at the same time a great Sturdi ness to guarantee an excellent protection against possible falls and/or accidents, besides to protect against the winter cold.

In the palm of the gloves, we find a layer of clarine material that will provide better air circulation and also avoid uncomfortable rubbing. In the dorsal part of the new gloves 100% Brisker We find a lining with fleece that will keep hands at good temperature. The new gloves of the brand 100%, also incorporate an excellent breathability/sweat drying system based on an internal microfiber fabric and are also a model suitable for using touch screens.

The TPR closure system of these long gloves will provide an adequate fit to ensure the rider complete comfort. To ensure a better gripping sensation even in damp conditions, the new Brisker Cycling Gloves of the brand 100% incorporate silicone graphics printed on the palm of the gloves.

Features cycling long Gloves 100% Brisker

  • Long winter gloves.
  • Excellent aeration and Perspiration system.
  • Fast drying of sweat.
  • Internal microfiber fabric.
  • Silicone inserts for a better grip.
  • TPR-Closure adjustment System

What do we know about the 100%/100% brand?

100% is a prestigious cycling brand that has always been related to everything that surrounds the world of motocross and countless emblematic moments that have created and promoted the basis and history of this sport as we know it today. 100% was created at the beginning of the years 80 when its particular and famous logo adorned the great teams of motocross.

Currently, 30 years later, 100% inspires a new generation of runners.

The American brand 100% manufactures its products using high-end materials in a way that guarantees the cyclist the best functionality and quality of vision.

100% – all cycling equipment: goggles, gloves and spares of goggle lenses 100% available at CoreBicycle – compare prices.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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