Mavic Ksyrium Merino 2017 grips and Leg Warmers

Mavic Ksyrium Merino 2017 grips and Leg Warmers

Mavic Ksyrium Merino 2017 leg and grips

The Mavic brand has designed Ksyrium merino leg and grip s so that cyclists who practice the different modalities of mountain biking/MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE, road, are protected from cold and humidity. Ksyrium Merino Heat ers are suitable for bike rs who practice cycling during the fall and winter season, adapting to the body's extremities with a regulated and adequate temperature.

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The Mavik Ksyrium merino legs and arm warmersare designed with Merino woolfabric, allowing to protect the rider from moisture and regulate body temperature. The fabric is breathable and protective of the wind, so that the bikeR can make long routes over the bike with a ventilated body, dry and with an ideal temperature. The Ksyrium sport wear-clothing are useful, allowing the rider to use them when needed or, on the other hand, they can be kept in the pocket thanks to their small dimensions and lightness.

Characteristics of Ksyrium Merino leg and grips:

  • Active Merino wool fabric that regulates temperature and dries fast, keeping the body warm.
  • The Merino fibers are so thin that they do not itch, they are totally comfortable.
  • Seamless dressmaking.
  • Temperature regulation and moisture protector.
  • Breathable and light mesh.

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