Endura Thermolite Grips and Leg Warmers

Endura Thermolite  Grips and Leg Warmers

Endura Thermolite thermal arm warmers and leg warmers

The new Thermolite sleeve and leg models provided by the Endura brand provide the rider with the best comfort during training/cycling competitions, especially in days with low temperature.

The High Performance Repel Teflon Coating Fabric provides the biker with a great comhated and resistance to the abrasion of the terrain.

Endura Thermolite Arm warmers

The new Endura Thermolite arm warmers have been made by Thermolite thermal fabric. This will guarantee the biker the best comfort, in addition to keeping it warm at all times avoiding so cold.

These Endura grips have great elasticity to provide the rider with the best Comfort.

Endura Thermolite

The new Thermolite cycling leg of the Endura brand has been made with high quality thermal fabric, with the aim of guaranteeing the rider the best protection in the cold winter. The complete zipper that incorporates this model of leg warmers will contribute to a greater ease for the rider for wear and rid.

What do we know about the Endura brand?

Endura is a relatively young company since it was created in the year 1992 thanks to Jim McFarlane, a cyclist by vocation. The main reason why he decided to create his own brand has no waste.

It turns out that Jim spent 14 months residing in Australia where he practiced triathlon. One day he was robbed of his equipment and had to buy new cycling clothes. As much as he sought he was not able to find comfortable and quality clothes. So when he returned to his native Scotland he created the Endurabrand. Jim forms his company to ensure that his clothing and accessories are of high quality making all his products in the factory itself and also enjoys the best possible critics.

Its workers, at all levels of the company, are mainly cyclist s and they are in charge of tasting in the humid and cold places of Scotland the quality of each new product.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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