Cycling collection Alé Riviera-jacket and jerseys short/long sleeve

Cycling collection Alé Riviera-jacket and jerseys short/long sleeve

Jersey/Short Arm warmers/long ALÉ EXCEL/SOLID RIVIERA Cycling Road for women

The Alè Riviera long sleeve Road cycling jersey for women, has been specially designed for the most demanding riders.

The Alé Excel Rivieracycling jersey/MTB Short sleeve is a new and comfortable model for women who are perfect for training and/or in their daily cycling sessions.

This road jersey, is a very ergonomic sport garment that also incorporates the technology Women Project that will avoid bad postures of the rider in his sessions of road cycling. The fabric used for its design makes it an ideal model for high temperatures thanks to its ex clent level of breathability.

The Alè technical T-shirt of road cycling, incorporates reflective elements in the back area, applying the Security Reflex technology, for greater visibility of the rider.. It also has its important details as its elastic mesh hem for better body adaptation; Its cuts raglan sleeve and neck to the front and fullface zipper, rugged and comfortable.

The Excel Riviera is the perfect jersey for amateur girls who want to spend a day on bikes with the highest safety and quality.

The main features of the Alé Excel Riviera short sleeve jersey for women are:

  • The raglan arm warmers and neck with a decreasing cut to the front.
  • The Excel Riviera jersey has an fullface length zipper.
  • Reflective Security reflex elements on the back for greater visibility.
  • Jersey with elastic mesh sleeve hem.
  • Women Project: An ergonomic fit for women developed for the cyclist posture.
  • The Alè Riviera jersey supports a temperature range of 18 to 30 º C.

The Alè Solid Riviera Bike/MTB technical jersey is designed especially for women who like the world of cycling. The Alè jersey is perfect for cool autumn and/or spring temperatures.

The Alè Solid Cycling long sleeve jersey has a thermal fabric to give ergonomics and elasticity to the rider's posture. It also has a great breathability thanks to its highly functional designed fabric. It contains 3 back pockets to be able to store your accessories (mobile, keys, etc.).

In the lower area of the long-sleeved Ale Solid, an elastic silicone band has been added for a perfect fit to the body. In the back area of the technical T-shirt, it has reflective inserts on the back for greater visibility in low-vision areas. Your zipper is long and sturdy for more body tightening.

This model is the perfect jersey for your bike outings and you can enjoy riding your bike more comfortably.

Main features of Alé Solid Riviera long sleeve jersey for cycling woman

  • Cycling jersey with 3 pockets on the back.
  • Zipper complete with zipper protections.
  • Elastic silicone at the hem of the waist for a good fit.
  • Anatomy of full suspension grips.
  • Reflective material inserts for greater visibility.

ALÈ RIVIERA Road cycling jacket for women

The Alé Riviera road Cycling jacketis specially designed to protect the rider in low temperatures and changing weather. It also has an external fabric of 95% polyester and 5% elastane to shelter from showers and rain.

The windproof cycling jackethas a plush interior to maintain warmth and a comfortable temperature for the cyclist. Its 100% polyester fabric inside will allow a great breathability for the cyclist's body. In the back area of the jacket, it incorporates a pair of reflective insert s to ensure maximum visibility.

The Alé Riviera jacket incorporates three dorsal pockets for the storage of accessories needed by the rider. Also, its zipper design is fullface longitudinal with a waterproof flap with a high cervical protection and plush. Its elastic band of silicone in the waist and grips, allows a better fit and a total ergonomics to the cyclist.

The jacket Alé Riviera windproof Cycling, is the perfect design to wear in cold weather and light rain. It is made especially for the most demanding riders and thus offer a rigorous model in any detail.

Main features of the Alé Riviera windproof jacket for women

  • 3 dorsal pockets for storing accessories.
  • Fullface length zipper with waterproof inner flap and high plush neck.
  • Elastic Silicone Band at the waist and anatomical full suspension grips for a good fit to the body.
  • Reflective inserts on the back for greater visibility.
  • Main fabric (external): 95% Polyester and 5% elastane.
  • Main fabric (inner): 100% Polyester


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