Women's MTB T-shirt and pant 100% Airmatic Skylar-/

MTB T-shirt and trousers 100% Airmatic Skylar for women

The line of clothing 100% Airmatic Skylar, which make up a T-shirt and a short has been conceived to be used in mountain biking during the summer and autumn periods. Its main attribute resides in a specific design for the woman cyclist. By means of a soft weave They achieve a great comfort and elegance. In addition, they are very light and breathable, a point to be taken into account when the sun presses. It is recommended for use in the Enduro and All MountainMountain bike modalities.

Cycling Short Sleeve MTB 100% Airmatic Skylar

Thanks to its simple and precise design , for its manufacture, only the necessary amount of material is used. In this way, it becomes an ideal garment for the hottest days. The suede fabric allows you to clean the goggles. Entering in the characteristics we observe that the cleavage has a form collected, to avoid rubbings and other discomforts. The embossed drawings are very resistant and you can wash the shirt without having to worry. Finally, his ergonomic Drop Trail has been studied in detail, so that when pedaling covers everything to the body of the rider.

Mountain Bike Shorts 100% Airmatic Skylar

Like the T-shirt, this shorts is perfect for the female sex. Its lines are very thin, with polyester and elastane in 4 ways, and they adapt to the morphology of the woman. They are notable for the absence of a pad, greatly reducing the increase in heat in the area when cycling. It also increases mobility and flexibilitywithout sacrificing comfort. On the other hand, the incorporating pockets are wide, safe and accessible. Velcro is used for fastening at the waist and the pressure seals are hidden. With the back panel of elastic mesh They achieve an efficient air flow and include an eyelash to be able to hang them.


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