MTB Norco Range Bike to 7.1 , C 7.2 and C 7.3

MTB Norco Range Bike to 7.1 , C 7.2 and C 7.3

MTB Bike Norco Range A 7.1, C 7.2, C 7.3

The Norco Range bike is perfect for the Enduro mode. It is available in 3 different models, in which the material of the frame and components vary but maintain geometry and part of performance: The A 7.1 of aluminium and the C 7.2 and the C 7.3 of carbon.

One of the main features of the 7.1, C 7.2 and C 7.3 Models is the ease they have to maintain stability in rugged terrain. Its long lengths between axes and more open angles, like that of the headset; Which is 65.6 º, they help.

The suspensions of the Norco Range bike are a Rockshox. In the front is used a Lyric RCT3 of 170mm while in the rear is used a damper Monarch Plus 160 millimeters. The rear incorporates the A.R.T. system: That prevents these wide ranges of travel so good for the descents will harm you in the rises, blocking the shock.

It also has a standard dropper seatpost Reverb Sealth 125/150mm. It will help you in the many changes in the level of this discipline. Finally, the transmission is charged Sram, with a monoplate groupset.


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