Commencal Bike META HT AM ESSENTIAL - Hardtail


The Commencal bike meta ht am Essential is the most enduring model of the basic meta HT am Origin model. It is the second price scale model above the HT AM Origin goal.

This bike, the Commencal META HT AM Essential, has been made with high quality aluminum frame (6061 aluminum alloy frame) and as just commented: It is a more enduring model as it incorporates components that allow to mount with More resources during the downhill of the rider.

This version of the new Hardtail has been mounted with the following components.

Features de la bike Commencal META HT AM ESSENTIAL hardtail

  • Front Fork/Pendant Marzocchi 350 R with 160 mm travel,
  • 100 mm KIND SHOCK Eten Dropper seatpost
  • RIDE ALPHA Wheels in 650b format,
  • Rear derailleur: SRAM X7
  • 200/180 mm SRAM DB1 hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Tires Tubeless Wheels Ready
  • Weight (as per manufacturer) 13.75 kg

What do we know about the Commencal brand?

His real launch comes in the year 2000 when he launches his first bike to the market called "Supernormal."

Since its launch, the bike appeared so "normal" and so "super", which immediately conquered the hearts of users, specialized shops and the press. It was even chosen "MTB of the Year" by the magazine Vélo Vert. And with his good star, from his first outing in the competition (the Roc D'Azur, 10,000 participants), and under the command of Christophe DUPOUEY, gave the luxury of winning the category Queen Elite.

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