Oakley Field Jacket Cycling sunglasses - for graduated lens

Oakley Field Jacket Cycling sunglasses - for graduated lens

Sun glasses are sunglasses, right? Wrong. Finding the right sunglasses is like finding your soul mate. Especially when riding is involved. They need to be comfortable all day, they need to allow the air flow properly, they need to avoid fogging, they need to filter the Sun and, depending on their preference, they need to look good. Arguably the most important of those features for mountain biking is to keep the air flowing and the lenses from fogging. The sunglasses sit right where your body would normally be radiating too much heat. Putting a windshield on the road doesn't help. But Oakley thinks he came up with a solution.

New cycling sunglasses Oakley Field Jacket

Both the Flight jacket and the Field jacket are equipped with the Oakley advancer. The contact between the face and the mouthpiece does not change, but the distance between the face and the lens does, making more room for the air to improve the total perspiration of the glasses.

Oakley's Field Jacket cycling goggle features a full frame (around the lens) and can be used with graduated crystals. The Field Jacket can be purchased from $222.


The Field Jacket features a saddle that offers the ultimate in performance for any bike experience, with a design that also allows you to graduate your lenses, providing cyclists who require graduation access to the latest Oakley products.

Oakley Field Jacket Cycling sunglasses - for graduated lens / Oakley

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